In this guide, you will get familiar with the terminology used on the Scaleo platform.

Basic Terminology

— this is the key element of the platform, an agreement between the parties. An offer describes all the parameters of the deal, such as — what is considered a successful result, its rate and payout, and what product or service is promoted.

Smart Link — a feature that allows promoting several offers using the same tracking link.

Tracking Link — a tracking link is typically used to monitor and determine the effectiveness of marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. In other words, the tracking URL is tracking the number of clicks the link receives on targeted resources. You can track the links on a website or landing page, in emails, added to messages and posts on social media, related to ads or banners, etc. When the user completes a conversion, it will be detected and displayed on the Scaleo dashboard.

Conversion — a target action performed by a user on the website. It can include interaction with a feedback form, ordering callback, buying something, mobile app installations, etc.

Partner / Publisher / Affiliate / Influencer — a person or a company that encourages people to buy the advertiser's product. They own some resources and earn a commission for providing traffic to the advertiser's landing page. Typically, they are media buyers or content creators like game developers or bloggers, as well as Instagram opinion leaders or companies involved in affiliate marketing.

Payout — the amount you pay to your affiliate for every completed goal.

Revenue — the amount that the advertiser pays you for every completed Goal

Profit — the amount you earn on every conversion. To calculate it, subtract the payout of revenue.

Advertiser — this is a company that sells goods or services. They want to be advertised and are ready to pay for it. They create an offer, buy ads, and pay the partners for each successful conversion.

User — a person that takes an action on your tracking link. When they see ads with a built-in Tracking Link, they click on the banner or any other type of ads. It starts the tracking process. Usually, the number of users is the same as the number of clicks.

Postback / Tracking Pixel — this is a special link that is used by the advertising network to report about the operations performed on the website and analyze the collected statistics. When Postback is set up and the necessary actions are taken, the network will send the indicators stated in the link. This is a piece of code you add to the target page layout. There is a postback/tracking pixel both for advertisers and publishers.

Goals — a goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, what your affiliates are paid for. It includes a variety of actions: filling in the profile info, uploading a photo, email confirmation, registration on the website, etc. With Scaleo, you can use various types of goals — CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI — in the same offer.

Cap — this is a special setting in the offer that limits the maximum number of actions within a specific period: day, month, year, or in total. This is an essential feature to keep your budgets within expectations. When you work with strict budgets, make sure to be extra careful in your Cap setup.

Advanced Terminology

Click to Conversion Time (Time Difference)
— the time between the initial click on the ad when the goal is completed.

Session IP — the IP address that the user used to click the tracking link from the Partner.

Conversion IP — the IP address that the user used to complete a conversion. If you use a postback, it will represent the IP address of the advertiser's server.

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