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The managers can fully control the offers they promote and change every parameter. This guide will walk you through the Offer Page on the Scaleo platform.

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Basic Info

This section includes the following information about the offer:

  • ID — the Offer number.
  • Title — the name of the product or service you are going to promote.
  • Status — Active, Testing, or Inactive.
  • Advertiser — the name of the advertiser who provided the offer.
  • Tags — keywords that help to search for offers. You can edit tags in Settings > Lists > Tags.
  • Description — the description of the promoted product or service, additional details, or other helpful information.
  • Time Zone — the time zone the offer is promoted in.
  • Currency — select one of the seven most popular currencies. Keep in mind that you cannot change the currency in the future.
  • Expiration Date — a day when the offer expires and its status automatically changes to “Inactive”.


  • Affiliate Tracking Link — basic URL that affiliates use to promote the offer. It looks like{affiliate_id}. To track the link, replace {affiliate_id} with the ID of an Affiliate.
  • Additional Parameters — parameters you can add to the tracking link to pass some additional information.


Goals represent a completed activity, called a conversion, what your affiliates are paid for. Learn more about Goals.

  • Goal Title — your goal name. It can be, for example, Purchase, App Install, Registration.
  • Goal Type — CPC (Cost per Click), CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPS (Cost per Sale), CPI (Cost per Install).
  • Revenue — the amount that the advertiser pays you for every completed Goal.
  • Payout — the amount you pay to your affiliate for every completed Goal.
  • Conversion Status — Approved, Pending.
  • Tracking method — the way the conversion data will be passed from the advertiser to the network. You can select Postback (unique Click ID is passed to the advertiser with every click), IFRAME Pixel (HTML block with IFRAME element), IMG Pixel (an image of 1x1 pixel size), JavaScript Pixel (a piece of JavaScript code).


The geographical location where your offer will be or will not be available. You can configure in what cities, countries, and regions the offer will be promoted and filter out the untargeted traffic. In this section, you can fine-tune your targeting by adding more additional rules. Learn more about Targeting.

Affiliate Access

  • Public — all affiliates can see the offer and promote it.
  • Require Approval —affiliates must send a request to the manager and receive the approval to promote the offer.
  • Private — all affiliates won't see the offer, managers share it to the specific affiliates.

Learn more about Affiliate Access to Offers.

Landing Pages

You can add two different types of landing pages:

  • Default Landing Page — URL from the advertiser to track impressions, clicks, and other actions you provide for the offer. This is a link where the affiliates will send traffic to.
  • Preview URL —URL that shows a preview of the offer without tracking and other restrictions. This is where an affiliate can see the offer.
Moreover, you can add additional landing pages. All additional links (more landing pages) could be added once the offer is already created in the platform. You can use any additional parameters with tracking macros to transfer tracking related info. Click on the Macros Available button to see the full list.
Go to the Landing Pages section on the Offer page to see the list of added links. The Scaleo system automatically adds Offer and Link IDs and forms the Tracking Link with all the necessary parameters.

In their turn, Affiliates will not see the link itself, but the Tracking Link based on it:

When using the additional landings, the traffic will be redirected not to the default landing but to the additional one. The Affiliate can use this link immediately. The Affiliate Tracking Link is displayed without additional parameters. The Affiliate can add them later, in the list in Offer details.


How the advertisement will look like. It can be a banner (visual ads), an email (used in email marketing), or anything else that includes formats like JavaScript, Flash, etc. Click on the Preview button to have a look at it. Learn more about Creatives.

This section shows a graph of the traffic you received. You can configure the graph by choosing different periods and enabling/disabling metrics.

Quick Links

Shortcuts to the main Reports sections of the offer. There are 3 Quick Links available:

  • Statistics
  • Conversions
  • Clicks

Top Affiliates

This section includes the list of the most efficient affiliates that are running the offer.

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