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The Scaleo platform allows tracking separate Goals inside one offer. It can be very handy for tracking user's additional actions, such as filling in the profile info, uploading a photo, email confirmation, etc. At the same time, the main conversion can be the user's registration within the CPA model. You can track different marketing models: CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI — all in one place. This guide will show you how to create, edit, and manage Goals.

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Create a New Goal

To create new goal in the existing offer, go to Offers > select the offer in the list > Goals > Manage > Add Goal.

Add Basic Info

  • Title — the goal name that will be displayed in the Offer page and reports.
  • Status — Active/Inactive. Select the “active” status to make the goal active immediately, and “inactive” status to disable the goal.
  • The Hidden Goal will be visible for managers and advertisers only. It is useful for tracking the additional goals that affiliates are not paid for.
Specify Goal Type, Revenue, and Payout

  • Type — CPC (Cost per Click), CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPS (Cost per Sale), CPI (Cost per Install).
  • Default Revenue — the amount that the advertiser pays you for every completed Goal.
  • Default Payout — the amount you pay to your affiliate for every completed Goal.

  • Conversion Status — Approved/Pending. Select "approved" status to approve it now, or select "pending" status to approve it later. The status is recorded upon the conversion.
  • Multiple Conversions — the option allows to generate multiple conversions from a single user's click for the same Goal. This is useful for subscriptions and recurring sales.

  • Tracking Method — the way the conversion data will be passed from the advertiser to the network. The available method depends on Advertiser possibilities.
    • Postback (Cookieless): unique Click ID is passed to the advertiser with every click. The Scaleo team recommends it as the most reliable method.
    • IFRAME Pixel (Cookie-based): HTML block with IFRAME element.
    • IMG Pixel: an image of 1x1 pixel size.
    • JavaScript Pixel: a piece of JavaScript code.

To finish the process, click on the Add button.

Edit an Existing Goal

Once the Goal is created and saved, you can edit it with some additional options.

  • Display Payout for Affiliate — the Payout displayed to the Affiliate, for example, $1-$10.
  • Fire Affiliate Postback — if disabled, affiliate postback won’t be fired.
  • Unique Track ID — the advertiser has to send unique values upon the conversion in the Track ID parameter.
  • Caps — the ability to limit the number of conversions or budget per specific period. Select the type (Approved, Approved/Pending, Budget), period (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Total), and enter the limit value. If you select Approved, the system will take only Approved conversions to calculate a Cap. For example, if you have 100 value and Approved type, the Cap will be activated when you reach 100 approved conversions. At the same time, Pending conversions do not affect the Cap — you can use any amount of them. If you set Approved/Pending type, the system will take both Approved and Pending conversions to calculate the Cap. Budget is a budget-based Cap. The Cap will be activated when you reach the specified budget.

To apply changes, click on the Save button.

In case of adding several goals, you can mark one of them as a default goal. The default goal will be used for tracking with the Global Postback (universal postback across all offers). To mark the goal as default, click on the star sign to the right of goal's title. The star will be colored yellow.

Manage Goals

You can see the parameters of the goal in two possible ways: the Offers list and the Offer page.

  • The Offers list — open the offers list. The basic details of the goal will be displayed in the Goals column.
  • The Offer page — go to Offers and find the offer on the list. The Goals section will be displayed on the Offer details page. Click on the Manage button to manage all the Goals.

You can also see the Goals in the list of Offers:

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