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This guide will walk you through the main sections of the Scaleo platform for Affiliates.

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This is the start screen after you log in to the platform. It displays the key information you may need for work and consists of the following sections:

  • Network Summary. It shows key metrics, performance graphs, and financial results of the Affiliate activity. Switch between the Volume and Finances tabs to see the performance and financial results, respectively. You can select the date range and different metrics that will be displayed on the Network Summary screen.
  • Pending Records. The section displays pending requests sent by the Affiliate for Offers and new added Postbacks. The Manager can approve or deny them and appropriate pending records will be removed from this section accordingly.
  • Top Offers. Here, you can find the most successful offers promoted by the Affiliate on the platform. Offers with the best performance are displayed at the top of the list.
  • Activity Log. In this section, you can check the main activity in the account. Click on the View All button to see the full list.
  • New & Hot Offers. It reveals new and hot offers promoted on the platform, which affiliates should pay attention to.


The section includes the list of offers available to the current affiliate. This list gives a quick overview of offers: name, set of goals, targeting, tags, CR and EPC values, the quantity of Landing Pages, and Creatives. Also, besides the full offers list, you can check the “Featured Offers” and “New Offers” tabs for some hot and fresh deals.

Additionally, you can filter offers by Country, Tag, and Goal Type to have a more targeted list. Let’s say we've got a good educational traffic source and would like to find some nice deals to utilize it. All we need is to select the Education tag in the filter and immediately get a targeted list of valid offers.

Also, use the search bar to enter the offer’s name or ID to have quick access to the desired offer among dozens available on the platform.

To see more details of the specific offer or obtain the offer’s Tracking URL, or send a request to run the offer — click on the needed Offer in the list and proceed with further actions.


On this page, Affiliates can see reports of their statistics within the offers and traffic efficiency, as well as sort them out by different parameters. You will find Statistics (various breakdowns), Conversions (detailed info on each conversion), Clicks (all clicks details), Referrals, and Logs reports.

In the Statistics Reports section, you can view statistics data in a bunch of breakdowns: Offer, Goal, Day, Hour, Country, Device Type, Connection Type, etc. In the Custom tab, you can add one of the additional values. They allow you to display the report sorted out by the particular parameter, as well as analyze the efficiency of various traffic sources much better.

By default, all the reports consist of several columns that are grouped into four main tabs — Impressions, Clicks, Approved Conversions, and Calculations.

Click on the Columns button to select more columns to display.

Also, there are detailed reports on clicks, conversions, involved referrals (if the referral access feature is active on the platform), as well as detailed redirection log of invalid traffic (traffic, which doesn’t meet the offer’s targeting) and logs of affiliate’s postbacks calls, which are very useful for tracking debugging. Moreover, there is an option to add filters by selected offers and change the date range.


Here is the full list of payments initiated by the manager. You will also find the details of each payment: date, status, amount, and the payment ID. Payments will be shown in three possible statuses: Paid, In Progress, Unpaid - use the filter to view needed. Change the date range to get the list for a certain period and adjust the set of columns on necessity. Also, there is a handy option to export all data in CSV or XLSX format.


This page displays the list of referrals (new Affiliates brought to the network by this Affiliate) and the personal referral link which is used to bring new Affiliates — they have to sign up using this link.

The list will show status, name, sign-up date, and 30-day commission, earned from each referral. Also, you can filter them by referral’s current status (Active/Pending/Inactive).

Activity Log

The section shows the log of the main activity within an Affiliate account including logins, profile updates, etc. The log gives quick access to the latest updates especially when it comes to the approved offers and postbacks. You can also set a date range to see the log for a certain period.

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