Yandex AppMetrica (Mobile)

AppMetrica is a free real-time ad tracking and mobile app analytics solution. AppMetrica covers the three key features for discovering your app's performance - ad tracking, usage analytics and crash analytics.

With AppMetrica you will be able to track iOS, Android mobile apps installs and in-app events.

Setting Up The Tracking


Create an Offer the regular way in Scaleo.

You can add application AppStore or Google Play URL into Offer URL for now, we will update that later.

During adding a Goal:

  • use CPI goal type for tracking installs
  • use CPA / CPL / CPS for tracking in-app events
Select that Offer, go to Goals. Select Edit a Goal and scroll to Tracking Methods section.

Select: Tracking Method >Postback. Copy a Postback URL.

Example of Postaback URL:{click_id}	

Note: Please make sure you use {click_id} for passing unique click ID, AppMetrica uses this token.


You should have AppMetrica account and application added into it. Also application should have AppMetrica SDK integrated. More information how to install AppMetrica SDK can be found here: AppMetrica SDK Integration.

In AppMetrica go to Trackers and create a new tracker with the details below:
  • Select Tracker name
  • Select your application
  • Create Media source (it can be your Affiliate Network name)
  • In Smartlink section add app Destination URL (usually AppStore or Google Play URL)
  • In Postback section, select event (installation or any other in-app event) and insert postback copied before (Point 3)


Copy Tracking URL from above, append it with: ?click_id={click_id}
and insert to Scaleo Offer into Offer URL field.

It will be something like this:{click_id}	

Everything is set now. Affiliate can use Offer Tracking Link to drive the traffic to your application. Once the application will be installed or any event happened, the conversion will be recorded in Scaleo platform and Affiliate will be credited.

Please take in mind the following:

  • Application should be published and available in app market
  • Conversion should be recorded in AppMetrica at the first place. You can see the report at AppMetrica: Trackers - Report. If no conversion recorded in AppMetrica it means SDK or Tracker was not configured properly.

Detailed information about what tracking methods AppMetrica uses for mobile tracking can be found here: Tracking in AppMetrica

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