Custom Email & SMTP

Scaleo has 2 types of Email communication:

  • System Notifications. For example: Welcome Email, Offer Request status, etc.
  • Marketing Emails. Emails sent when new Announcement added, Mailroom Emails (will be added at 4q 2021).

User can Unsubscribe from either System or Marketing emails, by clicking Unsubscribe link at the corresponding email. For example, if user clicks Unsubscribe within Announcement email, he will be unsubscribed from Marketing emails only, but still will receive System emails. 

Custom Email From

The clients on any Plan can change the Email From address used for both System and Marketing emails. By default this email is [email protected]

Choose an Email address you would like to use for Email From. You should be able to receive emails on it. We recommend to use shared emails like: [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Contact us via Email or Livechat and provide Email address you want to set.


You will receive a Verification Email from Amazon Web Services (our SMTP provider). Please click on Verification Link to validate the Email address.

Custom SMTP

It is possible to use your own SMTP server to send emails. Please send us the following credentials:






Improving Deliverability and Inboxing

  • Email content.

Make sure your emails do not look like spam and always use a recipient name at the beginning of every email. Emails Templates can be found here: Settings > Email Templates.

  • SPF Record.

If you use Scaleo default STMP, please add the following DNS record for your Domain Management Panel:

HOST: @ or domain or blank (depending on your DNS provider)
VALUE: "v=spf1 ~all"	
  • DMARC Record.

Starting Feb 1st, 2024, Gmail and Yahoo begin enforcing a requirement for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (“DMARC“).

It's highly recommended to add the following record to the DNS settings of your domain to avoid deliverability issues:

HOST: _dmarc
VALUE: "v=DMARC1;p=none;"	

To also receive DMARC reports, instead set:

HOST: _dmarc
VALUE: "v=DMARC1;p=none;rua=mailto:[email protected];ruf=mailto:[email protected];rf=afrf"	

Where [email protected] should be substituted with a separate dedicated Email address.

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