Offer Targeting

The promotion is the most effective when it is properly targeted. This guide will show you how to manage Offer Targeting on the Scaleo platform.

To manage Offer Targeting, go to Offers > select the offer in the list > Targeting > Manage.


In this section, you can configure in what cities, countries, and regions the offer will be promoted and filter out the untargeted traffic. You can select the allowed and denied locations:

  • Geo Allowed — the locations where the offer is allowed to promote.
  • Geo Denied — the locations where the offer is forbidden to promote.

Advanced Targeting

In this section, you can fine-tune your targeting by adding more additional rules:

  • Connection Type — WiFi/Cable, Mobile Internet.
  • Mobile Operator — select user's mobile operator on the list.
  • Device Type — Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Console, TV, Car Browser.
  • Device OS — select the operating system of user's device.
  • Device OS Version — enter the operating system version of user's device (required when selected the Device OS rule).
  • Device Brand — select the brand on the list.
  • Device Model — select the model (required when selected the Device Brand rule).
  • Browser — select the browser on the list.
  • Language — select the language on the list.

Select Allow or Deny parameter to allow or deny each rule respectively.

On the Offer details page, allowed rules will be colored in green, and denied ones — in red. Keep in mind, that if several rules conflict with one another, the rule that was added last will work.

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