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Getting Started

Intro to Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing, how it works and where to start.

2 articles

Platform Basics

Adding new offer, affiliate and advertiser, main sections overview.

11 articles


Platform settings, branding, the defaults, adding your team.

3 articles



Offers set up, managing goals, settings payouts, targeting, links, creatives.

7 articles


Tracking basics, server side (postback), client side (cookie-based), pixels.

9 articles


Reporting functions, breakdowns and filters, understanding the metrics.

4 articles


Advanced settings, sign up customization, custom domains.

3 articles


Adverstiser Integrations

Integrations with advertiser platforms: Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, etc.

7 articles

Networks Integrations

Integrations with Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Tracking Softwares

7 articles

Mobile Integrations

Integrations with mobile attribution partners: Appsflyer, Adjust, AppMetrica etc.

3 articles

Affiliate Guide

Getting Started

First steps in affiliate marketing, what is an offer, how to promote offers.

3 articles

Self-Service Interface

Main sections overview, promoting offers, checking reports.

3 articles