Custom Domains

Scaleo provides 2 types of domains you can customize.

Domain for the Interface

After a Scaleo sign-up, you receive a default address for your team, your affiliates, and advertisers to access the platform. For example:, we also call it Workspace.

It is possible to add your own custom domain to access the platform, for example:

Good choices for a custom domain for the interface:





Custom Domain for the Interface option is available for all paid plans.

Domain for Tracking

This domain is used for Offers' Tracking Links, Advertisers' Postbacks, and API requests. The default tracking domain has the following format:

Good choices for a custom domain for tracking:





Custom Domain for Tracking option is available for all paid plans.

Those two domains should differ from each other because they have totally different purposes.

Customize the Domains

Important: We strongly recommend using Cloudflare for your custom interface domain and custom tracking domain(s). If your domain hasn't been registered in Cloudflare, please sign up on the Cloudflare website and add the domain there (use the 'Add Site' button).

Pick any Cloudflare tariff, the Free one is good enough to start with. Others provide chat support, advanced DDoS protection, etc. These options might be helpful, but not necessary.

After you pick a tariff plan, the Overview section will contain the instructions to complete adding your domain to Cloudflare.

  1. Log in to your domain registrar:

Find your registrar on ICANN WHOIS

  1. Update your nameservers:

Find the list of nameservers at your registrar. Add both of your assigned Cloudflare nameservers, remove any other nameservers, and save your changes. It might take up to 24 hours for the changes to apply.

Note: Cloudflare is free of charge, it provides flexibility and security features, such as basic DoS/DDoS protection and SSL/TLS encryption. Additionally, it simplifies the setup so that you don't need to contact our Support team and waste precious time.

If it's impossible to add your domain to Cloudflare for a reason, we can help you set up the domain without Cloudflare, however, we don't recommend such an approach. Please contact Scaleo Support in case of any questions.

Direct the domains to Scaleo via CNAMEs

1. Log in to your domain control panel.

Normally, it is Cloudflare. Otherwise, it's a website you've registered the domain on. Go to the DNS records management for your domain.

2. Add the CNAME records for your domain.

Note: Many domain registrars don't allow adding a CNAME record for the second-level domain ( We recommend using a subdomain instead (

Custom Domain for the Interface: CNAME

Custom Domain for Tracking: CNAME

Note: Instead of and there should be Scaleo default domains assigned to your platform (your Scaleo workspace name instead of "company").

Note: In case you've opted for another domain registrar rather than Cloudflare, please contact Scaleo Support for additional CNAME records.

  1. Using Cloudflare, enable SSL for your domain.

Set the following:

• DNS Record: Proxied

• SSL/TLS encryption mode: Full

• Edge Certificates > Always Use HTTPS: On (for HTTP to HTTPS redirection)

Next, add these custom domains to your platform.

Add a custom domain to the platform

To set up a Custom Domain for the Interface, follow these steps. Go to Settings > Domains. Then, enable the Use a Custom Interface Domain option and enter your custom domain. Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the Save button.

Similarly, you can add a Custom Domain for Tracking. Just enable the Use a Custom Tracking Domain option, enter your domain, and save it.

If you want to add two or more Custom Tracking Domains, use the Multiple Tracking Domains option.

Please note that Multiple Tracking Domains are available for the Enterprise plan and above. There is a limit on the number of custom domains: For the Enterprise plan, you can add up to 5 custom tracking domains, whereas the Custom plan allows for up to 10 domains.

If you require more domains beyond these limits, you can add them for an additional fee.

When you enable the Multiple Tracking Domains option, a new tab Tracking Domains will appear for more convenient management of custom domains.

In this tab, you can view the list of added domains, add new ones, set a custom domain as default, or delete unnecessary ones.


It is highly recommended that your domains use an SSL certificate and an HTTPS connection for data encryption.

To reiterate, if you use Cloudflare, you can easily enable SSL for your domain the following way:

  • DNS Record: Proxied
  • SSL/TLS encryption mode: Full
  • Edge Certificates > Always Use HTTPS: On (for HTTP to HTTPS redirection)

If you can't set up the SSL on your end, please get in touch with our Support team.

CNAME Configurations for non-Cloudflare Domain Registrars

Since it differs from registrar to registrar we added some links where you can find the instructions for changing CNAMEs for the most used registrars other than Cloudflare.

By following this guide, you can easily configure the custom interface and tracking domains, ensuring personalized interaction between your customers and your platform. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our Support team.

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