Custom Domain

Scaleo has 2 types of domains you can customise.

Domain for Interface

After Scaleo sign up, you receive the default address you or your affiliates and advertisers can access the platform. For example:, we also call it Workspace.

It is possible to add your own custom domain to access the platform, for example:

Good choices for a custom domain for interface:

Custom Domain for Interface option is available for all paid plans.

Domain for Tracking

This domain is used for Offers Tracking Links, Advertisers Postbacks and API requests. The default tracking domain has a format:

Good choices for custom domain for tracking:

Custom Domain for Tracking option is available for all paid plans.

That two domains should differ from each other because they have totally different purposes.

Customise the Domain

Note: most of the domain registrars don't allow to add a CNAME record for the second-level domain ( We recommend to use a subdomain instead (

Login to your Domain control panel. Usually, it is where you registered the domain. And go to the DNS records management for your domain.

Add the CNAME record for your domain.

Custom Domain for Interface: CNAME

Custom Domain for Tracking: CNAME

Note: instead of and it should be Scaleo default domains assigned to your platform.

Ask your Scaleo manager to add this custom domain to your platform.


It is highly recommended to have the both domain use SSL certificate and HTTPS connection for data encryption.

If you use Cloudflare, you can easily enable SSL for your domain. Please set:

  • DNS Record: Proxied
  • SSL/TLS encryption mode: Full
  • Edge Certificates > Always Use HTTPS: On (for HTTP to HTTPS redirection)

If you don't have the ability to set up the SSL on your side, please contact your Scaleo manager and we will set it up on our environment.

CNAME Configurations at Domain Registrars

Since it differs from registrar to registrar we added some links where you can find the instructions for changing CNAME for the most used registrars.

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