Ultimate Postbacks (Add, Change Conversion)


The following Postbacks have the ability to change the sensitive information such as: conversion status, payout, sale amount and many more. 

For security reasons it is required to have Advertiser Security Token feature enabled . The parameter token must be sent with every postback.

Add a Conversion

Postback:   /track/conv

This is an ultimate postback that adds a conversion based on the entered Click ID with all possible fields (You can find a list of all possible fields at the end of the article).  Click ID is a required parameter for this postback.



How does this postback work?
The goal has a Multiple Conversion (Yes / No) parameter. When the postback is called for the first time, a conversion with the specified parameters is created on this Сlick ID, but when the postback is called again with the same Click ID, the behavior depends on the Multiple Conversion parameter:
  • if Multiple Conversion = Yes, then a new conversion will be created;
  • if Multiple Conversion = No, then there will be an error, since a conversion with this click already exists.

Update a Conversion

Postback:   /track/conv-change

This is the ultimate postback for changing the conversion with all possible fields. Required field  Click ID or Transaction ID.



How does this postback work?
  • If Transaction ID is set, then the conversion with that Transaction ID will be changed. 
  • If Click ID is set, then conversion by goal_id or goal_alias will be selected:
    • If goal_id is set, then the last transaction with this goal_id will be changed;
    • If goal_alias is set, then the last transaction with that goal_alias will be changed;
    • if neither goal_id nor goal_alias is set, then the last transaction with the default goal will be changed.

Add + Update Conversion

Postback:   /track/conv-addchange
This is an ultimate postback that adds a conversion (with all possible fields), but can also change it. This postback requires Click ID input parameter.



How does this postback work?
  • If there are no conversions with this Click ID, then a new conversion will be created with all possible fields (similar to the /track/conv postback described above);
  • If there is a conversion with this Click ID, then the behavior will depend on the Multiple Conversions parameter of the goal:
    • If Multiple Conversions = Yes - a new conversion will be created (similar to the /track/conv)
    • If Multiple Conversions = No - the last conversion will be changed with this Click ID and goal (similar to the /track/conv-change)

Advanced Functionality

Сustom Statuses

All these postbacks support Custom Statuses. For example:  


Custom Currency

You can pass a custom currency (other than the currency of the offer). For example:  currency=USD .

If the currency parameter is received, then it is assumed that all monetary variables are transmitted in this currency: payout, revenue, amount. Thus, these monetary variables will be converted into the currency of the offer at the current rate and recorded within the transaction.

Change Amount relatively

Ability to change the conversion Amount relatively. For example: amount_update=+0.1 or amount_update=-0.1

Supported Parameters

All these postbacks support the following parameters:

Parameter Description
click_id Click ID
transaction_id Transaction ID
goal_id Goal ID
goal_alias Goal Alias 
link_id Landing Page ID 
creative_id Creative ID
sub_id1 Affiliate Sub ID 1 
sub_id2 Affiliate Sub ID 2 
sub_id3 Affiliate Sub ID 3
sub_id4 Affiliate Sub ID 4
sub_id5 Affiliate Sub ID 5
aff_param1 Affiliate Param 1
aff_param2 Affiliate Param 2
aff_param3 Affiliate Param 3
aff_param4 Affiliate Param 4
aff_param5 Affiliate Param 5
aff_click_id Affiliate Click ID 
deep_link Deep Link 
adv_order_id Advertiser Order ID
adv_user_id Advertiser User ID
adv_track_id Advertiser Track ID
adv_param1 Advertiser Param 1
adv_param2 Advertiser Param 2
adv_param3 Advertiser Param 3
adv_param4 Advertiser Param 4
adv_param5 Advertiser Param 5
revenue Revenue
payout Payout
amount Sale Amount
currency Currency of the entered Revenue, Payout and Amount
conv_status Conversion Status. Available values: approved, pending, rejected, trash OR custom statuses
click_referer_url Click Referer URL
conversion_referer Conversion Referer URL
ip IP
idfa IDFA
gaid GAID
email Email
firstname Firstname
lastname Lastname
address Address
city City
region Region
postcode Postcode
country Country
phone Phone
gender Gender ('male' or 'female')
birthday Birthday
vertical Vertical
custom1 Custom Field 1
custom2 Custom Field 2
custom3 Custom Field 3
custom4 Custom Field 4
custom5 Custom Field 5
custom6 Custom Field 6
custom7 Custom Field 7
custom8 Custom Field 8
custom9 Custom Field 9
custom10 Custom Field 10
public_notes Public Notes
private_notes Private Notes
wait Before executing the postback, there will be a pause for the specified number of seconds. Available values range from 1 to 10.
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