Custom Statuses for Conversions

In case the advertiser cannot send lead statuses supported by the platform (approved, pending, rejected, trash), but can send custom statuses, for example, spam, lead, no-answer, fail, or ok.
There is a solution to recognize other statuses when adding or changing the conversion status by the following postbacks:
  • /track/goal-by-click-id
  • /track/conv/track/conv-change, and  /track/conv-addchange - Ultimate Postbacks.
    More details about Ultimate Postbacks are in the article .
 Custom statuses will be recognized if you add additional parameters:
  • approved_status=  
  • pending_status=
  • rejected_status=
  • trash_status=
Note: Multiple values can be separated by a semicolon (e.g. pending_status=spam;duplicate).
The platform understands these parameters and assigns the required lead status if these parameters are filled in.

Example 1:,duplicate&approved_status=ok,approved

From example 1 above, we see that the platform receives  conv_status=spam the platform does not understand this status, but we have an explanation: trash_status=spam,duplicate, i.e. for this conversion, the platform will change the status to trash.

Example 2:,duplicate&approved_status=ok,approved&pending_status=wait,check&token=344387eb

From example 2 above, we see that the platform receives  conv_status=ok the platform does not understand this status, but we have an explanation: approved_status=ok,approved, i.e. the platform will create a conversion with the approved status.

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