Parameters and Macros

Scaleo uses several tracking Parameters and Macros to pass certain values to Affiliates or Advertisers. You should add these parameters to the tracking link. Below you can find a list of all values currently used on the Scaleo platform.

Parameter Macro Description
aff_click_id             {aff_click_id} Affiliate Click ID. Unique ID for every click sent from the Affiliate.
sub_id1 {sub_id1} Affiliate Sub ID 1 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub_id2 {sub_id2}
Affiliate Sub ID 2 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub_id3 {sub_id3}
Affiliate Sub ID 3 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub_id4 {sub_id4}
Affiliate Sub ID 4 to specify traffic sub-sources.
sub_id5 {sub_id5}
Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub-sources.
{aff_param1} Affiliate additional parameter 1 for any purposes.
aff_param2 {aff_param2}
Affiliate additional parameter 2 for any purposes.
aff_param3 {aff_param3} Affiliate additional parameter 3 for any purposes.
aff_param4 {aff_param4} Affiliate additional parameter 4 for any purposes.
aff_param5 {aff_param5} Affiliate additional parameter 5 for any purposes.
creative_id {creative_id} Creative ID for the Offer (should exist and be active).
Offer additional landing page link (should exist and be active).
Link to any page on the advertiser's website. The feature must be enabled for the Offer.
idfa {idfa} Apple iOS Advertising Identifier (iOS 6+).
gaid {gaid} Google Android Advertising Identifier.
click_id {click_id} Unique 32-character alphanumeric string, which is generated and assigned to each click on the platform.
goal_id {goal_id} Goal ID of the Offer. If no Goal ID is set, the system will use the Default Goal.
goal_alias {goal_alias} Goal Alias of the Offer
amount {amount} Sale amount on the Advertiser side. Required for CPS Goals. Should match Offer's Currency.
{adv_track_id} Additional information from Advertisers (Not available for Affiliates).
adv_order_id {adv_order_id} Advertiser's order ID (available for Affiliates).
adv_user_id {adv_user_id} Advertiser's user ID (available for Affiliates).
adv_param1 {adv_param1} Advertiser additional parameter 1 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param2 {adv_param2}
Advertiser additional parameter 2 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param3 {adv_param3}
Advertiser additional parameter 3 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param4 {adv_param4}
Advertiser additional parameter 4 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param5 {adv_param5}
Advertiser additional parameter 5 (available for Affiliates).
click_referer_url            - Click Referer URL
conversion_referer            - Conversion Referer URL
currency            - Currency of the entered Revenue, Payout, and Amount
revenue            - Revenue
payout            - Payout
conv_status            - Conversion Status. Available values: approved, pending, rejected, trash OR custom statuses
ip            - IP
email            - Email
firstname            - Firstname
lastname            - Lastname
address            - Address
city            - City
region            - Region
postcode            - Postcode
country            - Country
phone            - Phone
gender            - Gender ('male' or 'female')
birthday            - Birthday
vertical            - Vertical
custom1            - Custom Field 1
custom2            - Custom Field 2
custom3            - Custom Field 3
custom4            - Custom Field 4
custom5            - Custom Field 5
custom6            - Custom Field 6
custom7            - Custom Field 7
custom8            - Custom Field 8
custom9            - Custom Field 9
custom10            - Custom Field 10
public_notes            - Public Notes (visible to an Affiliate)
private_notes            - Private Notes
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