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In our Tracking Basics guide, we explained what is Offer Conversion Tracking and what Attribution Methods the Scaleo platform supports. This guide will walk you deeper through the Postback Conversion Tracking method.

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How Does It Work?

Postback Conversion Tracking is the most reliable method. This is a server-side tracking method that passes a unique Click ID to Advertiser with every click.

The whole process is made between two servers. So, it does not depend on the user’s route between steps. This method allows tracking multiple offers in other networks outside the Scaleo platform using a single global postback URL.

  • When the user clicks the Tracking link, Scaleo generates a Click ID (unique 32-character string), assigns it to the click, and passes the Click ID to the Advertiser or Network. They store this Click ID in the database as long as necessary. It is displayed in sub_id, aff_sub, or any other parameter specified by the Advertiser or Network.
  • As soon as the visitor starts the conversion on the Advertiser or Network side, the Server-Side Pixel with the specific Click ID is sent back to Scaleo.
  • Scaleo checks the incoming Click ID, identifies the user's session, and stores additional information from the Advertiser. If everything is correct and the Click ID has no previous conversions, the conversion completes. All the parties get their commissions.

Note: The Scaleo platform only displays the information that was directly transmitted through the tracking parameters in the pixel itself: Click ID, Order Amount etc. When the pixel is fired, no additional information, user data or other data is collected.

Set Up

  • To pass the Click ID to the Advertiser or Network, you must add the {click_id} keyword to the Landing Page URL. Contact your Advertiser or Network to find out what variable name it should be assigned to. It will make it available for a third-party Postback Tracking URL. Mostly, it is the sub_id, aff_sub, or another variable.
  • Create a new Offer and add basic data, your Advertiser, Landing Page URL, Goal, and other additional information.
  • Once you added an Offer to the platform, go to the Offers page > select the offer in the list > Goals section > select the Goal in the list > Edit > go to Tracking section > set the Postback (Cookieless) tracking method > Save.

  • To get the Postback URL, open the Offer page > go to the Goals section > Postback.

Send your Postback URL to the Advertiser. Make sure the actual Click ID data is inserted during every call of a postback.


  • Redirect URL:{click_id}
  • Sample of real redirect URL:
  • On the Advertiser or Network side, it should look like:{aff_sub}
  • Sample of real postback:
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