Direct Linking

What Is Direct Linking?

Direct Link is a simple way to promote products that allows you to send traffic directly to the Advertiser's website without unnecessary redirects.
For example,

Direct Link requires minimal effort on the affiliate's part, and affiliates do not need to have a website or a landing page. It is also worth mentioning that the conversion rate is usually higher when using a Direct Link.

Set Up

Setting up your Direct Link is easy and only requires a few steps.

Create a new Offer and add primary data, your Advertiser, Landing Page URL, Goal, and other supplemental information.

Once an Offer has been added to the platform, go to Offers > select the offer from your list > Conversion Tracking section > select Tracking method: Direct Linking.

Add the generated Click Pixel (JS) code to your Landing Page HTML and any other website pages, where Affiliates will be sending traffic to. This pixel will be recording the click when the user visits the Landing Page.

Add the generated Conversion Pixel (JS) code to the HTML of the Confirmation/Thank you Page, which records the conversion for Scaleo.

Additional Parameters for Direct Link

You can also pass Additional Affiliate Parameters to the offer URL, e.g. sub_id1. In addition, you can send Additional Advertiser Parameters (e.g. adv_param1) by specifying them in the Conversion Pixel. You can view all available Additional Parameters here.


  • Redirect URL:{utm_source}&o=15&a=2
  • Click Pixel: 

  • Conversion Pixel:

Note: For Direct Linking to work correctly, the Advertiser Security Token feature must be disabled.
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