Tracking Testing and Debugging

Once you set up the Postback Conversion Tracking for your offer, it is time to check how everything works. Go to Reports > Clicks, select the date range, and click on the Display button. After having visited the target page, you have to see the actual clicks here.

However, quite often, during the testing, the conversion can fail on the Scaleo platform. If you are not an experienced user or just a beginner, it can be quite difficult to understand the reason.

Anyways, don't panic. A few simple rules will help you to understand what is going on and fix an issue:


First, make sure the conversion is recorded on the Advertiser’s side. Only a successful conversion will generate a postback call. If something goes wrong, your conversion will not work too.


If the conversion is successfully recorded, check whether the Scaleo postback pixel was called correctly on the Advertiser side. Go to Reports > Logs > Invalid Traffic. Select the date range and click on the Display button. Do you see the information about the postback tracking pixel? Most likely, the system did not recognize the pixel and did not assign it to any offer or goal. As a result, the conversion failed to be recorded on Scaleo.


If the pixel call is not recognized or you can’t even find it in the log, contact your Advertiser. He will send you the exact postback enabled for the specific conversion.


Check the actual postback call. It must include the correct Click ID value in the correct place. If not, ask the Advertiser to check whether the postback is filled with the correct Click ID data.


If you cannot find any pixel calls in Scaleo logs, most likely, the postback was not called on the Advertiser’s side. Contact your Advertiser for further assistance.


In all other cases, use Error Codes to find out the reason for the issue:

Title Description
Multiple Conversions are not Allowed You get this error message when the Multiple Conversions value is not enabled for the particular goal.
Filtered by Unique IP The Unique IP feature is enabled at the Limitations tab of the offer
Filtered by Unique Track ID When the Unique Track ID feature is activated for the particular goal, the error appears when the parameter is the same for several leads.
Invalid COOKIE
This error appears when there are any problems with the cookies: they are turned off in the browser, the pixel is placed incorrectly, the click and pixel firing are made in different browsers, the pixel was fired without a click, etc.
Offer Not Found The pixel uses the wrong offer ID.
Goal Not Found The pixel uses the wrong goal ID.
Goal cap is reached The goal reaches the daily, monthly, or total limit set up in the Cap parameter.
Invalid Click ID
The incorrect Click ID value was used.
Offer is not deployed by affiliate
The affiliated did not deploy the offer (when the offer’s availability is set By request or Selectively).
Affiliate is not Active
The Affiliate's status is set to Pending or Rejected.

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