Offer Link Generation

Tracking links are a vital part of any Advertising campaign. They are used to send Users to the Advertiser website. When promoting an Offer, an Advertiser adds the tracking link to the ads.

To generate correctly configured tracking links, Scaleo provides a link builder tool. This guide explains how Managers and Affiliates can generate a tracking link using it.


To access the tool, go to Offers > select the Offer in the list > Tracking > Link Builder.


In the pop-up window, you can change Affiliate, Landing Page, and Creative. Offer cannot be changed. Click on the parameter you want to change and select the value in the drop-down list.


If necessary, add Sub ID. Click on the Add Sub ID button and type in the value in the field. If you need more fields, click Add More. You can add up to 10 additional values.


If necessary, affiliate can  add Affiliate Click ID. This is a unique Click ID generated by Affiliate software. Scaleo will be able to send it back to affiliate software within the postback when conversion happens.


If necessary, add Mobile Parameters. Scaleo supports two mobile parameters: Apple iOS IDFA and Google Android GAID. They are the advertising identifier of iOS and Android mobile devices. Contact your device manufacturer to find out the advertising ID.


If necessary, add Deeplink. This is a link that leads to a specific web-page: product or category page on the advertiser side.


Based on the selected parameters, Scaleo will generate a tracking link in the Affiliate Tracking Link field:

Click on the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the link and insert it into your traffic source.

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