Affiliate Parameters

Affiliates use the following parameters in the tracking links to pass more information on the Scaleo platform.

Parameter Macro Description
aff_click_id {aff_click_id} Affiliate Click ID. Unique ID for every click sent from the Affiliate.
sub_id1 {sub_id1} Affiliate Sub ID 1 to specify traffic sub sources.
sub_id2 {sub_id2} Affiliate Sub ID 2 to specify traffic sub sources.
sub_id3 {sub_id3} Affiliate Sub ID 3 to specify traffic sub sources.
sub_id4 {sub_id4} Affiliate Sub ID 4 to specify traffic sub sources.
sub_id5 {sub_id5} Affiliate Sub ID 5 to specify traffic sub sources.
{ aff_param1 } Additional parameter 1 for any purposes.
aff_param2 {aff_param2} Additional parameter 2 for any purposes.
aff_param3 {aff_param3} Additional parameter 3 for any purposes.
aff_param4 {aff_param4} Additional parameter 4 for any purposes.
aff_param5 {aff_param5} Additional parameter 5 for any purposes.
source_id {source_id} The Affiliate Source ID previously added to the platform (should exist and be active).
link_id {link_id} Offer additional link ID (should exist and be active).
deep_link {deep_link} Link to any page on the advertiser website. Feature must be enabled for the Offer.
creative_id {creative_id} Creative ID for the Offer (should exist and be active).
idfa {idfa} Apple iOS Advertising Identifier (iOS 6+).
gaid {gaid} Google Android Advertising Identifier.

Tracking Link Examples:

Affiliate Postback Examples:{aff_click_id}&payout={payout}{aff_click_id}&idfa={idfa}
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