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In this guide, you will find out how to add or edit an Affiliate — a person or a company that will promote your offer through the Scaleo platform.

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How to Add an Affiliate to the Platform?

The Affiliates can be added to the platform in three possible ways:

  • Manager or administrator can add the affiliate manually via the platform interface
  • Sign up directly (using the Sign Up form on the login page)
  • Using the API

Add an Affiliate Manually

To create an Affiliate, on the Dashboard, go to Affiliates > Add Affiliate.
Enter the basic information about your affiliate:
  • Company — name the affiliate
  • Status — Active/Pending/Inactive. Select the “active” status to make the affiliate active immediately, “pending” status to save the information for later, and “inactive” status to disable the affiliate.
Add Access Credentials:
  • Email — add the valid email address; without it, the affiliate will not be able to access the platform
  • Password — create a complex password for the account
  • Password Confirmation — confirm the password.
Add the affiliate’s contact:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone number in international format
  • Contact Type — select one of the popular messengers: Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Line
  • Contact — the login in the selected messenger.

Note: You can add as many contact types as necessary

Add the affiliate’s physical address
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Street
Add the affiliate’s Financial Information
  • Payment Details — this may include bank account details, PayPal email, payment system's credentials, etc.
  • Amount of traffic — state the approximate volume of traffic generated by the affiliate.
Add the Administration data
  • Tags — add tags connected to the affiliate. You can select the tags in the drop-down menu or type them in the field.
  • Traffic Types — select the traffic type generated by the affiliate. You can choose between banners (graphical ads on target sites), emails (used in email marketing), social media (ads in the social network sites), search (ads on the search results page), incentivized (when the user gets a reward for some activities), non-incentivized (when the user does not get a reward for some activities)
  • Managers — attach a manager from the list to the affiliates.
  • Internal Information — any additional information visible to managers only.
Save the Affiliate by clicking on the "Add" button.

Affiliate Direct Sign Up

Go to the login page and click on the Sign Up button
Enter the first and last name, email, create and confirm the password, company name, and amount of traffic.
Agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and click on the Registration button.

Note: It is possible to Customize Affiliate Sign Up Form: change the default and required fields, add custom fields, and more.

Manage Affiliates

To see the current list of affiliates, go to Menu > Affiliates. On this page, you can view and edit information about a specific affiliate in your network. Affiliate settings generally do not affect tracking on offers associated with that affiliate.

Affiliate Access

Affiliates can log in to the platform and check their statistics, add postbacks, tracking domains, and request payments.

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