Affiliate Access to Offers

Managers can easily control which affiliates can see and promote the offer. This guide will show you how to manage Affiliate Access to Offers on the Scaleo platform.

To manage Affiliate Access, go to Offers > select the offer from the list > Affiliate Access > Manage.

In this section, you can change the offer's visibility. Select one of the three available options from the drop-down menu:

  • Public: all affiliates can see the offer and promote it.
  • Require Approval: affiliates must send a request to the manager and receive approval to promote the offer.
  • Private: none of the affiliates will see the offer; managers share it only with specific affiliates.

Depending on the selected option, you can add 'allowed' or 'denied' affiliates by selecting them in the drop-down menu:

  • Allowed Affiliates: affiliates that are allowed to run the offer.
  • Denied Affiliates: affiliates that are denied from running the offer.

Click the Save button to apply changes.

Affiliates can promote any public offer. If the Offer requires approval, they can request to run the Offer. 

For offers with Required Approval visibility, it is possible to Ask Affiliates the Approval Questions when the affiliate requests an offer. This additional information can give the manager an understanding of whether the affiliate is fitted to run the offer or not.

In order to set up an Additional Question, go to Settings -> Offer, where you can insert additional questions and turn on the Set Approval Questions by Default toggle switch.

Please note: if Set Approval Questions by Default = ON in Settings, then:

  • when creating a new offer with the Required Approval visibility, the question in the Settings is activated;
  • when the offer's visibility changes from anything to Required Approval, the Additional Question becomes immediately active and in the field the text that was specified in the Settings.

It is also possible to change this parameter individually for each offer. To do this, go to the Offer Card > Affiliate Access widget.

If Ask Approval Questions = ON, then the questions field should not be empty.

Log in as Affiliate, go to Offers > select the offer from the list > Request Offer.

If this offer has Ask Approval Questions = ON, the Affiliate will see a popup with the questions. The Affiliate will be able to click the Submit button only after he had entered some information in the text field.

The Manager can approve or deny the request. Go to Dashboard > Pending Records > Offer Requests > Accept/Deny.

If the request is for an offer with Approval Questions, there will be an extra button (eye) next to the request, where you can view the Affiliate's answer to the question.

In addition, you can find a general list of all requests for all offers and all affiliates with more detailed information next to the list of all offers.

In the Offer Requests list, you can filter the table by Request Status, Offer and Affiliate, as well as sort by columns, such as: Date Added, Status, Offer and Affiliate

Among other things, this list has the ability to change the status of several requests. To do this, select at least 1 request, and a panel with Approve and Reject buttons will appear above.

The Manager can see the list of allowed and denied affiliates in the Offer details. Go to Offers > select the offer from the list > Affiliate Access > Allowed Affiliates/Denied Affiliates.

It is important to note that when an affiliate is added to the allowed or denied list, his request for this offer, if any, will be automatically approved or rejected.

In turn, Affiliates can see whether they were approved or denied. To see that, open the Offer details. The status will be You are allowed to run this Offer or Offer request was rejected.

Affiliates can also see their Offer requests in Dashboard > Pending Records > Offer Requests

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