Conversions Report

To be able to use the platform effectively, Scaleo provides you the detailed statistics of your advertising campaign. The following guide will walk you through the features and available options of the Conversions Report.

You can create detailed reports for a wide range of dates and filter them by many parameters.


To create a conversions report, go to Reports > Conversions.


Set a date range in the pop-up calendar. You can choose from Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, and This Year. Also, you can set up a random date range and change a time zone. Don’t forget to click the Apply button to save changes.


Add Filters. You can select from the following ones: Affiliate, Advertiser, Offer.

The filters allow you to filter out the data in the table by selecting certain metrics related to certain Affiliates, Advertisers, or Offers. You can set up several filters at the same time.

Go to Filter > select Affiliate/Advertiser/Offer > select the Affiliate, Advertiser, or Offer in the list > Add Filter.


Select the columns you want to display. By default, the report consists of several columns.

To choose what columns to display, click on the Columns button and select all the parameters you need. They are grouped into six main categories: Data, Financial, Fraud, Affiliate, Advertiser and Offer, Technical. By default, the Fraud category is disabled.

Once you choose, click Save. The system will generate a report with all selected columns.


Once you set the date range, select the necessary filters and columns, click on Display to generate the report.

If necessary, export the report in CSV or XLSX format.

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