Advertiser Parameters

The Advertisers use the following parameters tracking links to pass more information on the Scaleo platform.

Parameter Macro Description
click_id {click_id} Unique 32 character alphanumeric string, which is generated and assigned to each click on the platform.
goal_id {goal_id} Goal ID of the Offer. If no Goal ID is set, the system will use the Default Goal.
amount {amount} Sale amount on the Advertiser side. The parameter is required for CPS Goals. Should match the Offer's Currency.
adv_track_id {adv_track_id} Additional information from Advertiser (Not available for Affiliates).
adv_order_id {adv_order_id} Advertiser's order ID (available for Affiliates).
adv_user_id {adv_user_id} Advertiser's user ID (available for Affiliates).
adv_param1 {adv_param1} Advertiser additional parameter 1 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param2 {adv_param2} Advertiser additional parameter 2 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param3 {adv_param3} Advertiser additional parameter 3 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param4 {adv_param4} Advertiser additional parameter 4 (available for Affiliates).
adv_param5 {adv_param5} Advertiser additional parameter 5 (available for Affiliates).
idfa {idfa} Apple iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA).
gaid {gaid} Google Android Advertising Identifier (GAID).
Landing Page URL Examples{click_id}
Conversion Postback Examples:
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