Tilda is a very popular service for website creation.

Setting Up The Tracking


Create an Offer the regular way in Scaleo.

You will be asked for the Default Landing Page URL, you should enter your website URL with the following UTM tag: ?utm_term={click_id}


Select that Offer, and go to the Conversion Tracking widget.
Select: Tracking Method > Postback.
Login to your Tilda account, select your site. Go to Settings and find Forms option at the left menu. Find Webhook method:

Insert the following URL as Webhook URL:

Note: Instead of {workspace} it should your workspace prefix. For example, if your platform URL is mycompany.scaleo.app, you should use mycompany.

Note: Please make sure you checked the options: Send UTM and Transfer data for goods in the order - as an array.

Avoid the tracking on some Tilda forms

If you have different forms on the site, for example, Lead form, Contact form, etc. If you don't want to receive the conversions from that forms, you should uncheck the webhook connection on that forms.

Note: The corresponding fields from Tilda will be written to the created conversion in the following parameters:

  • 'utm_term' => 'click_id',
  • 'amount' => 'amount',
  • 'tranid' => 'adv_order_id',
  • 'orderid' => 'adv_user_id',
  • 'formid' => 'adv_param1',
  • 'phone' => 'adv_param2',
  • 'name' => 'adv_param3',
  • 'city' => 'adv_param4',
  • 'age' and 'citizenship' => 'adv_param5'.
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