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Referral Program allows the Affiliates to bring new Affiliates to your network and earn additional commission for each revenue, payout, or profit. This guide will explain how to set up the Referral Program, how it works, and how to access the Referral Reports.

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Set Up

To activate the Referral Program, go to Settings > Affiliates > General and enable the respective button.

Next, apply the necessary parameters. You can configure the program by:

  • Referral Type — Percentage or Flat rate (one time).
  • Referral Commission — This value depends on the selected referral type. If you select Percentage, you can choose 1% to 20%, if Flat rate — any amount in your preferred currency. The parameter will be used for all new affiliate registrations.
  • Commission Source — Revenue, Payout, or Profit. This value is available only if you select the Percentage rate.

How It Works

Each Affiliate can notice a Referrals menu item in the sidebar. Open this page to find a personal referral link with a short description of its conditions.

Next, the Affiliate can share this link with other affiliates. When they use the link for the registration, they will become referrals of the initial Affiliate who provided the link (a Sponsor affiliate).

Once the new affiliate completes the registration, the Sponsor affiliate will receive a commission for each revenue, payout, or profit of the network. The sum will appear on a separate balance.

The percent of this commission depends on the value set for each referral affiliate. The affiliate can also check the list of all referrals along with commissions on the Referrals page.


There are two ways to check the Referrals Report:

  • Under Admin/Managers access. To generate the report for all or selected sponsors, go to Reports > Referrals, select the filter and date range, and click Display.
  • Under Affiliate access. To see the statistics of the referrals, Affiliates can open the Referrals page. They will see the status, name, sign-up date, and 30-day commission of the referral.
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