Offer Tracking Settings

Affiliate Tracking Link

The link that affiliates can use to promote the offer. Select the affiliate below and his personal link will be generated.

Domain for Tracking Link

Will be used for both Affiliate Tracking Link and Advertiser Postback.

Invalid Traffic Forwarding

Invalid traffic is the traffic that doesn't comply with offer settings (targeting, caps, etc). It can be redirected to the following channels:

  • Main destination URL: traffic will be redirected to the main offer URL, conversions won’t be recorded.
  • Custom Trafficback URL: traffic will be redirected to the specified URL.
  • Global Trafficback URL: traffic will be redirected to the URL specified in Administration - Settings page.Deep Linking
  • Offer: you can define specifiс offers and the traffic will be redirected to the first available offer from the list.
  • Preview URL: traffic will be redirected to offer Preview URL, conversions won’t be recorded.

Deep Linking

Allows the affiliate to send traffic to specific page on a website, instead of the website's home page (e.g. specific product or category).

Hide Referrer URL

Prevents the traffic source (referrer data) being sent through to the offer or the landing page. Double META Redirect is the most reliable redirect method to ensure that the referrer data is never leaked, however a bit slower.

Unique IPs

Allows clicks from unique IP’s only. Time Span – time-frame during which an IP must be unique.

Global Postback

Universal Postback for all offers across the platform. When triggered, the default goal is converted.

Postback and Cookie Duration

Click session duration, during which conversions can be made.

Postback Whitelist IPs & Postback Blacklist IPs

Only postbacks from these IPs will be allowed (Whitelist IPs) or denied (Blacklist IPs). One IP per line.

Show Order Amount to the Affiliate

If set, affiliates will be able to see the order amount of the conversions in the reports.

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