Custom Parameters

This guide will show you how to create a new Custom Parameter, edit, and manage the existing ones.

Scaleo allows you to add different custom parameters to the offer - unique payout to the specific affiliate, different payouts for different countries, etc. 

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Add a New Custom Parameter

First, go to  Offers > select an offer in the list > Custom Parameters. To add a new Parameter, click on the + button. You can also go to Manage > Add Custom Parameter.

In the window, fill in the following fields:

  • Status — Active or Inactive. Select the Active status to make the custom parameter available immediately, and the Inactive status to disable the custom parameter for now.
  • Affiliate —  Pick an affiliate or leave blank if you want these parameters to be effective for all affiliates.
  • Start & End Date — If you don’t have an end date, leave it blank. The parameters don’t retroactively update past transactions, they will take effect for future transactions only.
  • Condition:
    • Geo
    • Device Type
    • Connection Type
    • Mobile Operator
    • Device OS
    • Device OS version
    • Device Brand
    • Device Model
    • Browser
    • Language
    • Affiliate Sub 1-5
  • Parameter:    
    • Revenue
    • Payout
    • Daily Cap
    • Weekly Cap
    • Monthly Cap
    • Total Cap
    • Throttle Rate to Pending
    • Throttle Rate to Rejected
    • Trafficback URL
    • Force Redirect

Don’t forget to click the  Add button to apply changes.

Edit an Existing Custom Parameter

  • First, go to Offers > select the offer in the list > Custom Parameters.
  • Select the parameter in the list, hover over the parameter, and click the Edit button.

Manage Custom Parameters

To manage Custom Parameters, go to  Offers > select the offer in the list > Custom Parameters > Manage. Here, you can check the basic information on every parameter and filter them by status.

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