Custom Parameters

This guide will show you how to create a new Custom Parameter, edit, and manage the existing ones.

Scaleo allows you to add different custom parameters to the offer - unique payout to the specific affiliate, different payouts for other countries, etc. 

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Add a New Custom Parameter

First, go to  Offers > select an offer in the list > Custom Parameters. To add a new Parameter, click on the + button. You can also go to Manage > Add Custom Parameter.

In the window, fill in the following fields:

  • Status — Active or Inactive. Select the Active status to make the custom parameter available immediately, and the Inactive status to disable the custom parameter for now.
  • Affiliate —  Pick an affiliate or leave blank if you want these parameters to be effective for all affiliates.
  • Start & End Date — If you don’t have an end date, leave it blank. The parameters don’t retroactively update past transactions, they will take effect for future transactions only.
  • Condition:
    • Geo
    • Device Type
    • Connection Type
    • Mobile Operator
    • Device OS
    • Device OS version
    • Device Brand
    • Device Model
    • Browser
    • Language
    • Affiliate Sub 1-5
  • Parameter:    
    • Revenue
    • Payout
    • Daily Cap
    • Weekly Cap
    • Monthly Cap
    • Total Cap
    • Throttle Rate to Pending
    • Throttle Rate to Rejected
    • Throttle Rate to Trash
    • Trafficback URL
    • Force Redirect


The Throttle Rate to Pending (Rejected or Trash) is used to optimize interaction with advertisers. After setting a specific rate, conversions have a certain probability of transitioning to the pending/rejected/trash status during creation. Thus, for a small number of conversions, the percentage and actual count of pending/rejected/trash conversions may not match, but for larger volumes, they should be as close as possible to the set rate.

As for statistics, conversions are counted with the status in which they were actually recorded. For example, if a conversion is set to Rejected, it will be counted as a rejected conversion in statistics.

Don’t forget to click the  Add button to apply changes.

Edit an Existing Custom Parameter

  • First, go to Offers > select the offer in the list > Custom Parameters.
  • Select the parameter in the list, hover over the parameter, and click the Edit button.

Manage Custom Parameters

To manage Custom Parameters, go to  Offers > select the offer in the list > Custom Parameters > Manage. Here, you can check the basic information on every parameter and filter them by status.

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