Affiliate Billing

Scaleo allows you to calculate payouts and easily generate detailed invoices for your affiliates.

The system can automatically generate invoices at a specific frequency or generate them manually (if needed) depending on your needs.

The billing configuration is available in the Settings > Billing section.

Note: Billing functionality is designed to calculate payments and create invoices for affiliates. The platform itself will not send out money.

You can choose the type of invoice generation: "By Schedule" or "By Affiliate Request".

By Schedule

The " By Schedule" type will suit you if you pay affiliates on a particular day of the month or week. 

For example the 10th day of every month, every Friday, etc.

For the "By Schedule" type, the following Invoice Frequency parameters are available:

  • Weekly: Monday, Tuesday, .., and Sunday
  • Bimonthly: range of 1-14 and 15-28 days
  • Monthly: range of 1-28 days
  • Quarterly: range of 1-28 days

Also, in the settings, you can choose the way invoices are generated: manually or automatically.

Note: The automatic generation method is available only on the Custom plan.

By Affiliate Request

The "By Affiliate Request" type is used when affiliates should request the payment themselves. Upon request, the system will generate an invoice.

For the "By Affiliate Request" type, you can allow the affiliates to enter a specific amount and also add attachments.

You can also add Invoice Information in the settings. These are your company’s details that will be used for the invoice. The value of Payment Terms determines the Invoice’s due date.

Affiliates Billing

When you go to the Affiliates Billing section, you can see all the information related to affiliates’ balances and their invoices.

There are 2 tabs: Affiliates and Invoices.

The Affiliates Tab

The Affiliates tab contains a list of all existing affiliates, as well as information about their payment methods, balances (approved, pending, balance due, and referral), and other useful information.

It is possible to filter affiliates by Status, Invoice Frequency, Payment Method, and Payment Terms and it is also possible to open the details of the affiliate by clicking on the Affiliates' name or by clicking on the button on the right side, where you can also log in under this affiliate.

In addition, there is also an export option for this list in CSV or XLSX format and search the affiliate by ID and name.

Affiliate’s Details

When you go to the details of the affiliate from the list of affiliates in the billing, basic information about the affiliate is displayed on the left side, and billing information is displayed on the right: the affiliate's balance, the selected payment methods by currencies and the list of previously created invoices.

Parameters Invoice Frequency, method of generating invoices ( Manually/Automatically), and Payment Terms, which are set globally in the settings, can be changed for one affiliate separately. To do this, in the partner’s details in the Billing Preferences section, click on the Edit button. As a result, an editing form will open in which you can change these parameters.

Also, in this form, you can add the Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Address, Beneficiary Email, Tax ID, and VAT.

The Invoices Tab

The invoices tab contains a list of all invoices created on the platform for the selected period. In this list, you can see information about the invoice, such as invoice status, date generated, payment method, amount, and others.

Also, in the Affiliates tab, it is possible to filter the data and export it in CSV or XLSX format.

In addition, the list of invoices can perform actions with several or all invoices. After selecting at least one invoice, a panel appears where you can change the status of the selected invoices, export, download these invoices in PDF format, and delete them.

Moreover, in the list of invoices, you can download the created invoice in PDF format, upload an attachment to the invoice, or edit some parameters of the created invoice.

You can also download an invoice and edit it in the list of invoices on the affiliate's details page.

Generating Invoices

It is possible to generate an invoice on the affiliate's details page and from the list of invoices.

It is possible to create an invoice for all affiliates at once or for one affiliate.

When you click on the Generate invoice button, a form opens in which you can select all affiliates or one.

In addition to this, you can specify a Start Date and an End Date. When generating an invoice, it will include conversions for the specified period of time. The End Date is a required field, but the Start Date is an optional field.

When you click on the Advanced Options button, there are other options that you can specify for generating the selected invoices.

These additional parameters differ for generation for all affiliates (multiple generations) and for generation for one affiliate.

Invoice generation form for all affiliates.

Invoice generation form for one affiliate.

When generating for all affiliates, except for a period of time ( Start Date and End Date), it is possible to select currencies (one or several), payment methods (one or several), the status with which invoices will be created (Draft or Unpaid), Invoice Memo and Notes.

If any parameter remains empty, then invoices will be created for all possible values (in the case of the Currencies and Payment methods parameters) or this field will remain empty (in the case of Invoice Memo and Notes)

You can also include the affiliate's referral balance in the invoice if any. But the referral balance will be included in the invoices in the default currency. If the affiliate does not have an approved balance for the default currency or the default currency has not been selected in the Currencies field, then the referral balance cannot be withdrawn.

According to the platform’s default time zone, if you choose automatic generation, invoices will always be generated at 00:00.

In addition to all of the above, an invoice for the affiliate will not be created ( manual or automatic generation) if:

  • Payment method is not added for currency;
  • Approved balance is not enough for the currency (less than the minimum threshold of the payment method);
  • The affiliate has been deleted.

Regarding the generation for the selected affiliate, the options available are slightly different than those with multiple generations.

For a single generation, you can also select a specific period and must be sure to select some currency. You can also include the referral balance in the invoice, but this option is available only if the default currency is selected.

It is possible to specify Invoice Memo, notes, and also add attachments (available file formats - PDF, PNG, DOC, XLS, CSV, JPEG, DOCX, XLSX).

It is worth noting that when choosing a currency, the payment method selected for this currency is displayed to the right of the currency. If the payment method is not selected for the currency, the corresponding message will be displayed and it will be impossible to create an invoice.

Also, when choosing a currency, the approved balance is displayed below, which is available for the specified period.


It is worth noting that when you try to generate an invoice from the affiliate details page, you will be able to create an invoice only for the current affiliate.   

Invoice Detail

After the invoice has been generated, you can see the new invoice in the invoice list, and by clicking on the name go to the details of this invoice.

Here you can find details about the invoice and the transactions that are included in this invoice.

Note: It is also important that the conversions included in any invoice cannot be changed.

When generating an invoice, a specific ID is assigned to it.

Example: INV-AFF-0034-002

In this example:

  • 0034 - partner ID in 4-digit format (in the example, ID = 34);
  • 002 - the serial number of the invoice specifically for the affiliate in 3-digit form.

It is possible to add an adjustment to an already created invoice (it can be either a positive number or a negative one), and you can also add an advance payment. The amount of the advance will affect the amount in the next invoice within the same currency.

After clicking on the View Conversion button, you will be taken to the page of conversions (Transactions -> Conversions) that were included in this invoice.

To edit the invoice, click on the Edit button. The Edit form will open in which you can edit some fields, such as Status, Due Date (the maximum payment date), Invoice Memo, Notes, add an attachment and delete the invoice.

Note: It should be noted that invoices can be deleted only in the Draft status.

And after moving the invoice to the Paid status, only the Notes and Attachments can be edited in the invoice.

Download the PDF

As mentioned above, the created invoice can be downloaded from the list of invoices, but it can also be done in the invoice details by clicking the Download PDF button.

The downloaded file looks like this.

Reports and Transactions

New breakdowns and filters related to billing have appeared in reports. Now you can find paid or unpaid conversions, as well as conversions that are included in a specific invoice.

Transactions also have a filter for paid/unpaid conversions and generated invoices. In addition, columns have been added, in which the status and invoice number, if any, are visible.

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