Login Form on your website

Scaleo allows you to host the Login form on your website. And all users can login from there. The configuration requires the tech skills as it uses API methods utilisation.


Use NETWORK level API function to receive the One-time Login Link for given Email and Password:

Get One-time Login Link: https://developers.scaleo.io/#7ec63626-c743-45cb-b141-a91d5aa5e0bb

Note: all fields should pass the validations when they come to Scaleo, the validation errors will be returned if any. You should handle this on your side.


If Email and Password match, you will receive the One-time Login Link. You can redirect to this link and user will be logged in into his account automatically.

  "status": "success",
  "code": 200,
  "name": "OK",
  "message": "One-time Login Link",
  "info": {
    "user_id": 23,
    "user_role": "affiliate",
    "one_time_login_link": "https://demo.scaleo.io/login?temporary_token=TURZelpXTmpaalk1TmpNME9HRTVaakU0T0daaU5qSmxOelEyTVRVeE5EWXdNVEExWWpWaVpGOHhOakExTnpJNU9EYzU="

Note: One-time login link is functional only 1 hour after its generation.

Helpful links:

API function for Password Recovery: https://developers.scaleo.io/#c25eb59e-e971-4012-9c51-cbf6075d6ca6

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