2.0.25 (February 2021)


  • Reports reorganisations: new Transactions section added. Conversions, Clicks and Traffic Logs are displayed there.
  • Lists of Offers, Affiliates and Advertisers are improved. 7-day Conversions graphs with previous period change are shown for each record.
  • Currency and Advertiser can now be changed for existing offers.
  • ZAR currency added (South African Rand).


  • UI speed improvement of the whole Scaleo system.
  • Timezone list is updated (if your timezone went offset, set up a correct one in the Settings > General).
  • Offer Creatives preview improved.
  • Offer Description and Geo Targeting display improvements.
  • Date picker improvements (all over Scaleo), new dates range added: Last 90 Days.
  • Scaleo mobile version UI improvements.
  • Sign Up link is now displayed at Settings section.
  • Scroll improvements for the Reports and Transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Status change via the conversion list bug is now fixed (Transactions > Conversions).
  • Links to reports are fixed (with corresponding filters and breakdowns).
  • The flow of user deletion improved (deleted user’s mail now can be reused)
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