2.0.26 (March 2021)


  • Easy transition from Reports numbers to Transactions. For example, if you click on 5 conversions at the Reports section you will see that 5 conversions with all the details at the Transactions section.
  • Offer Duplicate feature.
  • Approved Rate (AR) - the number of Approved Conversions from Total Conversion is available at the Offers List and Reports.
  • New creative type: XML Feed.
  • Affiliate interface. New menu item Tools added, where Postbacks, Activity Log and API moved.
  • New languages for Affiliate interface: Portuguese, Spanish.


  • Billing. Payment Method is now saved with every payment and shown within the payment details (for new payments only).
  • Billing for Affiliate interface. Now affiliate can select the payment method even with no balance available.
  • Sorting options for Offers, Affiliates, Advertisers lists. Now it is possible to sort by number of conversions or affiliate balance.
  • Device type added: Portable Media Player, Smart Display.
  • Hints and Help Filters and select dropdowns improvements.
  • Filters and select dropdowns improvements.
  • Small UI styles improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • "Login as" button is not shown for inactive accounts. 
  • Transactions. Data formats for Sale field (NaN) and pagination small fixes.
  • Date Range on Dashboard remembers the selected dates.
  • Removed Affiliate #1 issue in dropdowns. 
  • API: Offer Details changes (removed technical parameters)
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