Smart Links

Smart Link allows your affiliates to use only one link for multiple offers and the system will automatically select the best converting offer for every click based on his Geo, device, connection, and language. No more lost traffic, if offers become unavailable or targeting doesn't match.

How does it work?

Network manager creates a Smart Link and selects the Offers which will be used for selection. It is possible to select the offers one by one or select offer tags (all offers with selected tags will be used).
Affiliates see all Smart Links available at Offers > Smart Links and use Get Link to generate their unique links.
When someone clicks on an affiliate's tracking link, the system analyses that click and selects the highest profitable offer for that click based on Geo, device, connection, and language. 

For more details on traffic distribution mechanisms, see this article.

Note: Smart Link is available on Professional plan or higher.

How to set up Smart Links?

To set up Smart Links, you'll need to:

  1. Create your first Smart Link. To do this, navigate to Offers > go to the Smart Links tab and click on the Add Smart Link button.

  2. In the form for adding a smart link, it is possible to specify the Title, Status, Traffic Distribution Type, Available for Affiliates or not, certain offer tags and other parameters.

There are 3 Smart Links Distribution Type available:

  • Highest EPC
  • Weight-based 
  • Priority based 
Here is what do they mean:

Highest EPC

The traffic is directed to the available offer for this affiliate with the highest EPC. EPC is calculated for each offer and affiliate individually and is updated once a day.
This is how 80% of the traffic is distributed. The remaining 20% is distributed randomly among all available offers.


The traffic is distributed using a pre-defined weight. For example, an offer with a weight of 5 will get 5 times more traffic than an offer with a weight of 1.

However, if the offer is not suitable for the partner or the offer is not suitable for targeting, the traffic will not be directed there regardless of the weight set.

Priority based

The traffic is directed to the first matching offer. First, the offer with position #1 will be checked, and if the visitor does not match the criteria of the offer, the offer with position #2 will be checked, and so on.

Available for Affiliates
Select whether affiliates see the Smart Link.

If this feature is enabled, the Smart Link can be viewed in the affiliate account by going to Offers > Smart Links and the affiliate can get the Link by clicking on the  Get Link button. 

To get the Smart Link URL in the manager account, click Offers > Smart Links > click on the context menu on the right > Get Link.

Above the Get Link button, you will find the Edit button to edit already created Smart Links.

Smart links in reports and transactions

Smart Link statistics are displayed in a separate tab. In addition, you can filter reports based on specific smart links.

Moreover, there is a separate column for Smart Links in Conversions and Clicks, and just like in Reports, you can filter data for a specific Smart Link.

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