Smart Links

Smart Link allows your affiliates to use just one link for multiple offers and system will select the best converting offer for every click based on his geo, device, connection and language. No more hassle of offers become unavailable or targeting doesn't match.

How does it work?

Network manager creates a Smart Link and selects the Offers which will be used for selection. It is possible to select the offers one by one or select offer tags (all offers with selected tags will be used).
Affiliates see all Smart Links available at Offers > Smart Links and use Get Link to generate their unique links.
When someone clicks on affiliates tracking link, the system analyses that click and selects the highest profitable offer for that click based on geo, device, connection and language.

For now, the Highest EPC (Earning per Click) used for offers selection. This is Network EPC and calculated once a day among all affiliates.

Later, it will be possible to use Weights for offers selection instead of EPC

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