2.0.32 (November 2021)


  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) & Security Improvements:
    • Two-Factor Authentication via Email.
    • Protection against Brute Force Attacks.
    • User Session time has been reduced to 24 hours.
    • Session Termination, when the user password is changed and when the status is changed to Inactive.
  • Offer Access new functionalities:
    • New section Offers > Offer Requests where all Offer Requests from all Affiliates are gathered.
    • Ask Affiliates the Approval Questions. Only for offers with Required Approval visibility, you may choose to ask the Affiliate to provide additional information. This information will help the manager understand whether it is possible to open an offer for that Affiliate or not.
    • A new Affiliates selection mechanism is available at Offer > Affiliate Access
    • The ability for the Limited Affiliate Manager to manage the access to the offer for their Affiliates.
    • Under Affiliate Access, the Availability Filter was fully rebuilt and now works as expected.
  • Offer Landing Pages new functionalities:
    • Make Preview optional for every Landing Page.
    • Option to set visibility for Affiliates.
    • Option to set targeting for a specific landing page (geo, device type, connection type, etc.).
  • Landing Pages Traffic Distribution: 
    • by percentage
    • rotation between all landing pages in equal proportions
    • traffic redirection based on targeting
  • Advertiser Security Token for Postback. A token password for the postback, which is only known to the advertiser. This token is verified during every postback and if it is invalid, the conversion is not tracked.
  • Assigning new Users to a Manager new functionalities:
    • Randomly assign new users to one of the selected Managers.
    • Manager Referral Link allows the manager to attract new users. If a user registers through that link, it will be automatically assigned to that Manager.
  • New Reports Breakdowns: by Affiliate Manager and Advertiser Manager.
  • New Currency Switcher in Reports. Now it is possible to view and export Reports in any available currency.
  • Export for: Offers, Affiliates, Advertisers, Invalid Clicks, Advertisers Postbacks, and Affiliates Postbacks.
  • New Affiliate Interface language added: Catalan


  • The Offer and Affiliate Details pages were significantly redesigned and improved. Major blocks moved to the right panel and now display more information.
  • Improved Login As functionality, where it’s now possible to easily return to your Manager account with just one click.
  • The Maximum Amount field was added for single Invoice generation.
  • Lead Management Module new features:
    • Access to Lead Management for the Limited Advertiser Manager.
    • New field "Additional Info for Reply" added in Campaigns.
  • New API methods:
    • Add, Edit, Delete Goals in the Offer.
    • Change Affiliates’ Access for the Offer.
  • A lot of UI style improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Reports and Export - Date/Time breakdowns fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a flaw with the ability to request payment, for an amount less than a threshold payment method.
  • Fixed IPv6 entry in Transactions.
  • Fixed date display of the last activity when there is no activity in the Affiliate/Advertiser details.
  • Fixed bugs for displaying and sending announcements
  • Export - Fixed a bug for displaying payment method details in exponential form.
  • Multiple generation of invoices is possible only for active Affiliates.
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