Additional Pages

Scaleo allows administrators to easily customize their platform by adding additional content pages. Choose the appropriate format for your needs:

  • add links to Internal webpages
  • add links to External webpages
  • add custom HTML and embellish your content with emojis.

Adding Additional Pages

To add an additional page, go to Settings > Additional Page. Here you can add a new page by clicking Add Additional Page, and see the list of all pages already created. Instant editing and preview (Menu Page type) are available in the list view. Newly added pages are displayed at the top of the list. All additional pages are added as an additional Menu Item in the Scaleo system.

When you create a page, enter all the necessary parameters:

Additional pages are Active by default, but can have either Active or Inactive statuses. In the list view, Active ones are always displayed on top.
Next, decide which Type your additional page should fall under. These are the options available in the Type field:
  • Menu Page.
    When selected, Page Title and HTML fields are mandatory. This type allows you to add any custom content you need.
    When adding a Menu Page type, our system will offer you to customize your page's content to allow better interaction with your affiliates and advertisers. Use tags that are supported in the HTML field:
    • {first_name} – User’s first name
    • {last_name} – User’s last name
    • {email} – User’s email address
    • {company} – User’s company
    • {affiliate_id} – Affiliate’s ID, if it's an affiliate
    • {advertiser_id} – Advertiser’s ID, if it's an advertiser
    • {external_id} –  Affiliate or Advertiser's External ID
    • {language} – Selected language in the Affiliate or Advertiser's portal
  • Menu Internal Link.
    When selected, the Internal URL field is mandatory. This type allows you to add a link to any destination within the Scaleo system.
    If you use internal URLs, your link must start with the / part, to make sure the system understands where to navigate internally. You won't need to enter a full link with https. Example: /transactions/adjustments

  • Menu External Link. 
    When selected, the External URL field is mandatory. This type allows you to add a link to any external webpage. 


Once you have decided on a page type, select the Interface on which it should be displayed (Teammate Portal, Affiliate Portal, Advertiser Portal).


As a last step, set up the Placement of your Additional Page. It can be added after any existing Menu Item in the system:

Once your Additional Page is created and saved with an Active status, it will be immediately added to the left menu of the system:

Below you can see a few examples of the Menu Page and Menu Internal Link types:

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