Advertiser Billing

Advertiser billing is used to create detailed invoices for your Advertisers. This feature makes it much easier to manage advertiser balances and calculate payments for them.

Note: The billing feature is designed to calculate payments and create invoices for Advertisers. It is not possible to receive payments from Advertisers directly in Scaleo.

Advertiser's Balances

Go to the Advertiser Billing > Advertisers Tab to view billing information and balances. The Advertisers tab contains a list of all existing advertisers, as well as information about their balances and other useful information. Advertisers can also be filtered by status and payment terms and exported to CSV or XLSX. You can also search for an advertiser by its ID and name.

Advertiser's Details

Clicking on the Advertiser's name will take you to the billing details for a particular advertiser. Here you can find basic information about the advertiser, details about their balances, and a list of created invoices.

In the Advertiser details, you can also edit this advertiser's details and billing settings and create an invoice for him.

Generating Invoices

In addition to generating invoices on the Advertiser Details page, you can also generate invoices on the Invoices tab. To do this, simply go to the Advertiser Billing > Advertisers tab and click the Generate Invoices button.

In the form that opens, you have the option to create invoices for all Advertisers (multiple generations) or for a specific Advertiser ( single generation).

If you specify the Start and End Dates, the conversions will be included in the invoice for that period.

You will find more options under Advanced Options. These additional parameters differ for generation for all affiliates (multiple generations) and generation for one affiliate (single generation).

  • Currencies - the invoice will be generated for the selected currency. For multiple generations, you can select several currencies, for a single generation - just one.
  • Offers - the invoice will be generated for the selected offers. This option is available for both multiple and single generations.
  • Maximum Amount - conversions will be matched to the invoice for an amount equal to, or less than the entered amount. This option is available only for a single generation.
  • Generate Invoices with Status - the status with which the invoice will be generated (draft or unpaid). Status selection is only available for multiple generations.
  • Invoice Memo - this information will be displayed in the invoice.
  • Notes - additional field, note about the invoice.
  • Attachment - the ability to attach a file during a single generation (available file formats - PDF, PNG, DOC, XLS, CSV, JPEG, DOCX, XLSX).  You can also attach a file to an already created invoice in the Invoice tab, onthe invoice editing form.

The Invoices Tab

To view a list of all invoices, go to Advertiser Billing > Invoices Tab. Here you will find all the information about the invoices, such as generation date, status, and others. You can filter the list's data by status, advertiser, or currency and export it to a CSV or XLSX file. 

In addition, actions with multiple invoices are available. To do this, simply select at least one invoice, and a panel with available actions will be displayed above it - Change Status, Export, Download PDF, and Delete.

Note: Keep in mind, that invoices can be deleted only in the Draft status.

Moreover, when you hover over the invoice stripe, you'll see buttons for: downloading the invoice in PDF format, attaching a file, and editing.

Invoice Detail

Once an invoice has been generated, you can see the new invoice in the list of invoices, and clicking on the name, will take you to the invoice's details.

Here you can find the details of this invoice and the list of transactions included in this invoice. 

Note: You cannot change the status and revenue of conversions included in the advertiser's invoice.

You can add an adjustment to the draft invoice (this can be either a positive or negative number) as well as add an advance. The amount of the advance affects the amount of the next invoice in the same currency.

By clicking the View Conversion button in the Items widget, you will be redirected to the list of conversions included in this invoice (Transactions > Conversions).

To edit the invoice, click the Edit button. Some fields can be edited in the invoice, such as Status, Due date (the maximum payment date), Invoice Memo, and Notes. Here you can also add an attachment and delete this invoice (draft invoice only).

Note: Once you move the invoice to the Paid status, you will only be able to edit the Notes and the Attachments of that invoice.

Download the PDF

As mentioned above, the invoice you created can be downloaded from the list of invoices, but this can also be done in the invoice details by clicking the Download PDF button. 

The downloaded file will look like this:

Reports and Transactions

In the reports, you will find new breakdowns and filters related to Advertiser Billing. You can now find paid or unpaid conversions as well as conversions included in a specific invoice.

Transactions also have an additional filter for paid/unpaid conversions and generated invoices. New columns have also been added where the status and invoice number, if any, is visible.

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