Email Reputation

Sender reputation is an assessment of the quality of email campaigns based on their frequency, volume, and interaction with subscribers. Based on this, email providers decide whether or not to deliver emails to their users.

If you navigate to Settings > Email, you can see the percentage of bounces and complaints about the Sender Email. These options will help you evaluate your Email Sender's Reputation and current status. 

To use the Built-in Email Service, the bounce rate must be below 5%, and the complaint rate must be below 0.5%.

If these parameters are higher than recommended, sending emails will be suspended due to low reputation.
Here are some tips on how to maintain a good reputation.
When you start sending emails through Built-in Email Service, email service providers notice that your usual email marketing settings change. To maintain a good reputation as a sender, we suggest you follow a few simple steps:
Start with clearing emails in your contact list. Leave out all unsubscribed or invalid contacts. Next, import all active contacts who interacted with your content in the past 4-6 months. This will help you maintain or even improve your sender reputation over time.
Consider how many emails you send. The larger your subscriber list is, the better it is to start with a gradual warm-up phase. What does it mean?
  • Filter your active subscribers based on engagement (contacts who opened your emails in the last 30, 60, 90, and 120 days).
  • First, send your email campaign only to contacts who have opened your emails within the last 30 days.
  • Then, gradually expand the list of recipients.
Feel free to contact our customer support if you need help. We will be happy to help you with any questions on this topic.
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