For sending mass notifications to Affiliates, Advertisers, or teammates, you can use the Mailroom. This mailing system is in-built into Scaleo and allows you to send emails directly from the platform.

Note: Mailroom functionality is available on the Enterprise plan or higher.

How to create a message via Mailroom

To create a message, go to Outbound > Mailroom and click on Add Email

Here is the page where you can send a message:

On this page, you can create a message.



The first step is to select your email recipients: Affiliates, Advertisers, or your Teammates.
You can select a specific recipient or apply filters:
  • Status - Active, Pending, or Inactive
  • Selected Affiliates, Advertisers, or Teammates
  • Tags 
  • Traffic Types
  • Country
  • Assigned to Teammate
  • Has traffic - affiliates who had traffic in the last 30 days
  • Role - for Teammates


Subject and Email Content

After selecting the recipients, add your subject and the email content.

You can also include macros to the email content:

  • {first_name} - User’s first name.
  • {last_name} - User’s last name.
  • {email} - User’s Email.
  • {company_name} - Network name specified in Settings.
  • {affiliate_id} - If Affiliate, Affiliate ID.
  • {advertiser_id} - If Advertiser, Advertiser ID.
  • {unsubscribe_url} - URL to cancel Email subscription.

Offers Attached

When sending emails to affiliates, it is also possible to attach the details of one or more offers.



Sending time
You can choose to send the email immediately, which means the recipients will receive the email within a few moments. The other option you have is to Schedule. In this case, you'll need to specify the time of sending - when you want it to be received.

Send a Test Email
In addition, you can send a test email to your email address if you want to see how it will look in the recipient's inbox.

Once the email is ready, click Send on the top right corner of the page. If you are not yet ready to send the email, you can always save it as a draft and continue working on it later.

Email List

There are 2 tabs in the list of emails: My Emails and All Emails (emails from all senders).

The list of emails contains information about the status of the emails - Draft, Scheduled, Sent and others. You can also find the date when the message was sent and the sender's name. Moreover, you can filter emails by status and sender or search for an email by subject and content.

Note: All news sent (Outbound > News) will also be displayed in the Mailroom.

Email Statistics 

For email that has already been sent, there is information about delivered, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced and flagged emails. More detailed information about the statistics can be found in the email details by clicking on the desired email.

In the email's details, you can also see a preview of the sent email.

Send Offer Details

By going to the offer's details, you can immediately send the offer's details to the Affiliates by clicking on the corresponding icon.

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