A webhook is a mechanism that enables web applications to receive real-time data or notifications from Scaleo automatically.

When a webhook is set up for a specific event, Scaleo sends a POST request with event data to the URL specified during the webhook configuration whenever the event occurs.

Upon receiving this data, the web application can perform necessary actions based on the information received.

Webhooks are a crucial tool for web development and can help integrate various applications with Scaleo to automate business processes and streamline data management.

Adding a Webhook

To add a webhook, go to Settings > Tools & Apps > Webhooks and click the Add Webhook button.

Fill in the required fields on the form:

  • Status: By default, the status is set to Active. However, you can also change the status to Inactive to deactivate the webhook.
  • Event Object
    • Affiliate
    • Advertiser
    • Offer
    • Goal
    • Landing Page
    • Creative
    • Smart Link
    • Conversion
  • Event Action
    • Create
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Endpoint URL: This refers to the webhook URL that Scaleo sends a request to when the specified event occurs.

To create a webhook after filling in all the necessary fields, click on the Save button.

After adding a webhook, it will appear in the list of webhooks, and you can view information such as the selected event, URL, the date the webhook was added, and the timestamp of the last time a request was sent.

In the screenshot above, you can see that 2 webhooks have been added. One of them is triggered when an affiliate is added in any way, while the other is triggered when any offer is updated.

Note: Editing Goals, Landing Pages, Creatives, Promo Codes, and Custom Parameters will not trigger the webhook with the Offer - Update event since these are separate objects.

Editing or deleting a Webhook

To edit a Webhook, click on the button to its right. Once you click the button, a form will appear where you can modify any fields or remove the Webhook entirely.

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