3.7 (July 2023)

New Features 🎉

Offer Wizard - Streamlined Offer Creation and Editing

  • Revamped the design structure that guides you through the Offer creation process. With this step-by-step addition, you can conveniently input all the necessary parameters in one place, making Offers creation a breeze.

  • Draft Offer. Enjoy the ability to draft offers, allowing you to finish creating an offer later and activate them when you're ready.
  • Plus, with our improved Offer edit page structure, you can easily switch between tabs to seamlessly edit your entire offer.


  • Gaming KPIs metrics have been added to the gaming report, offering valuable insights for the gaming industry.

  • Player Report is a new report type that allows you to effortlessly track and analyze the activity of individual players, supplying you with valuable insights and data.

Customizable Reports and Transactions

  • In this update, we are introducing new configuration options for reports.

    Customize the order of tabs in reports and hide unnecessary tabs for both Teammate Portal and Affiliate Portal.

  • Additionally, you can now select the default columns to display in Transactions for both Teammate Portal and Affiliate Portal. For the Affiliate Portal, you can restrict the ability to manage columns independently.

  • Furthermore, we have added the ability to hide gross and invalid clicks from Affiliates, providing you with better control over the displayed information.

Custom Domains

Now you can add a custom interface and tracking domains in the platform settings (Settings > Domains). Add the necessary number of tracking domains, limited only by your tariff plan.

More options for Affiliate Portal configuration

  • Customize your Affiliate Offers by choosing your required widgets and arranging them in the desired order. Additionally, you now you can hide the offer section for Affiliates completely.

  • Ability to hide the Billing menu section. Also, you can prevent Affiliates from editing payment method details, thereby securing sensitive financial data.

  • Ability to hide the menu section with Assets.

Hide Advertisers and Advertiser Billing menu

This option allows you to focus on the most relevant functionalities to your workflow and business model.

AR Calculation and Total Conversions

Fine-tune the calculation of the AR metric to suit your business needs. With our versatile settings, you can also specify the conversions that should be included in the Total Conversions count.

Localization of Offer Description

This new feature enables you to provide offer descriptions in your Affiliates' native languages. During the offer editing process, you can ensure clear and effective communication by specifying descriptions in their respective languages.

Improvements 💫

Updated Settings Styles and New Teammate Menu

Enjoy a fresh and improved look for our settings interface. The updated design delivers an intuitive and user-friendly experience for managing your platform settings.

A modern-looking left menu interface with a dark theme enhances your teammates' visibility and ease of navigation.

Tools menu in the Affiliate Portal

Added the option to hide the submenu of this section. Customize the available tools to suit the specific needs of your Affiliates.

Custom Parameters

Added Advertiser Parameter 1-5 conditions.

Round-Robin Teammate Assignment

With the round-robin assignment feature instead of random, you can ensure a fair distribution and balanced workload among your team members.

Finances in Gaming Reports

In the Finances section, data is now calculated not by approved revenue and payout, but by total values.

Click Session Lifespan for the Tracking of Offer

Now it is possible to set this parameter not only in days, but also in minutes and hours.

Exclusive Labels

Added an Exclusive label to Offers in the Affiliate Portal for an even more specific selection of Offers.


Now it is possible to pass hashed values of the affiliate_id and sub_id1-5 parameters to advertisers during click creation while preserving the original values. To achieve this, utilize the new macros with the "hash" suffix on the landing pages.

Activity Log

Added an entry to the Activity Log when updating 'Landing Pages Traffic Distribution' for an Offer.


Bug Fixes ✨

  • Fixed an issue with duplicating Offers with a preview image and Landing Page language.
  • Fixed functionality when unsubscribing from emails.
  • Fixed bugs when importing Offers, Affiliates, and Advertisers.
  • Fixed updating caps by Offer's time zone.
  • Fixed filters and breakdowns in reports for custom Teammates.
  • Added redirection to trafficback when creating a click with string values for o, a, link, and creative.
  • Fixed a list of macros for tracking links in offer details.
  • Fixed tracking link and goal ID for duplicate offers.
  • Fixed the Click Session Lifespan option in Offers.
  • Improved minor UI bugs.
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