Global Postback

In our Postback Conversion Tracking guide, we provided the key principles of its work and how to set it up. This article will explain the key features of the Global Postback and how you can create it.

Global Postback is the universal postback for all offers across the platform. When it is enabled, the Scaleo platform converts the default goal.

To find the Global Postback link, go to Offers > find the offer in the list > Tracking > Manage > Global Postback.

Like any other Postback, the Global Postback uses the {click_id} parameter. Contact your Advertiser or Network to find out what variable should be passed during the click and what macro should be used during the postback. Usually, it is pub_click_id, aff_click_id, sub_id, aff_sub or another variable.

An example of the Global Postback:{aff_click_id}

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