3.2 (September 2022)


  • Totally new Affiliate Portal 🎉 :
    • Redesign 🎨. Affiliate's portal design has been completely transformed - now it is well-thought-out and advanced.
    • Dark Theme 🕶️ - one of the most wanted features is finally here! The Affiliate can choose between a Light or a Dark theme, or it can be predefined by the administrator.
    • Single Offer View for brands with just one offer who use the system for their Affiliate Program management.
    • The section News was totally rebuilt. Now there is a News feed within the main menu, and all unread news are highlighted. 
    • All pages were totally revamped and are now fresh and modern.
  • Totally new Offer List for Teammates Portal:
    • Columns Configuration - the columns configuration allows you to select the required columns to be shown.
    • Columns Order - drag and drop columns to change their order.
    • New columns - Payout, Categories, External ID, Today's Conv., Yesterday's Conv., Daily Cap, Weekly Cap, Monthly Cap, Total Cap.
  • Bulk Actions for offers list - now, you can quickly edit one or more Offer entities. From the list of Offers, you can easily change the status, change the type of availability, add allowed Affiliates, and also delete Offers.
  • Emoji support 🥰. Dilute dull blocks of text with bright emoji, adding additional information and images through the visual.
  • Categories - the new field Categories have been added for the Offers, replacing the Tags function. Tags will remain available as additional labeling for Teammates only.
  • UTM Tags for Affiliate and Advertiser Sign Up. Now you can see the source for your affiliates.
  • The ability to create a Sign Up Offer and promote the Sign Ups. 
  • Settings 
    • New Menu and Re-organization
    • Affiliate Portal settings. Added settings for choosing a default theme (Light/Dark), choosing an Offer View (Single Offer /Offer List), and displaying the News section.
  • External ID - Added External ID field for adding, and editing an Offer, Affiliate, and Advertiser.
  • Ultimate Postbacks - new postbacks with advanced functionalities.
  • Different Currency for Ultimate Postbacks and API Method - ability to define the currency for financial variables (revenue, payout, amount). Where the amount/revenue/payout can be in a different currency than the currency of the offer.


  • Duplicate Offer - The list of duplicated offer properties has been expanded, adding a choice between the properties that need to be duplicated:
    • Goals
    • Targeting
    • Landing Pages
    • Allowed and Denied Affiliates New
    • Creatives New
    • Custom Parameters New
    • Affiliate Postbacks New
    • Categories New
  • Add Affiliate, Advertiser - The number of required fields has been reduced. Now only Email is required.
  • Add Offer - The number of required fields has been reduced. Now only Title and Landing Page URL are required. 
  • Reports, Transactions - Add Filters and breakdowns by Categories.
  • Added the ability to pass negative Revenue, Payout and Amount values for conversions via API:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed fraud calculation for conversions.
  • Fixed ID display for selected filters in reports and transactions.
  • Fixed saving filters when switching between tabs in the list of offers.
  • Fixed transaction sorting by User Agent.
  • Fixed the possibility of passing empty parameters in the tracking link.
  • Fixed some bugs for Roles and Permissions
  • Fixed some bugs for Adjustments

API Changes

  1. An optional parameter is_click_unique has been added to the Click creation function
  2. Function response has been changed: the data type for the tags_selected parameter has been changed from string to array
    1.  GET /api/v2/network/affiliates
  3. Function response has been changed: the key tags_selected no longer exists
    1.  GET /api/v2/network/aff-billing/affiliates/{:id}
  4. Function response has been changed: the keys tags_selected and tags no longer exist, but the categories key has been added.
    1. GET /api/v2/advertiser/offers
    2. GET /api/v2/advertiser/offers/{:id}
    3. GET /api/v2/affiliate/offers
    4. GET /api/v2/affiliate/offers/{:id}
  5. Function response structure has changed: visible_type is in the availability array; advertiser (advertiser_id and company_name), title (name), image are in the title_info object; as for the rest of the parameters, only the parameters of the new lists come in the response.
    1. GET /api/v2/network/offers
    Examples of new responses can be found in the API documentation.
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