3.3 (October 2022)


  • Gaming 🎯
    • Added new types of Goals for the Gaming vertical: Registration (REG), Deposit CPA (DEP), and DEP RevShare (RevShare).
    • Added new Gaming metrics for the Dashboard: RegistrationsDeposits, CR Click to Reg, CR Click to Dep, and CR Reg to Dep.
    • Added a new report type - Gaming. On the Settings > Affiliate Portal / Teammate Portal page, it is now possible to choose the most relevant report type, GeneralGaming, or show both.
  • Dashboard Configuration 📊
    • Network Summary - it is possible to select the desired metrics to display, as well as change their order for Teammate and Affiliate Portals (available in Settings for Administrator)
    • In Settings > Affiliate Portal, it's now possible to configure which widgets will be displayed as well as their order for each section (Header, Main Content, Right Sidebar).
  • Report configuration 📈
    • For Teammates and Affiliates Portals, you can select default columns to be displayed for Reports.
    • Now it is possible to hide the Manage Columns button for an Affiliate so that he can only see the default columns on the Reports page.
  • Banners 🖼️ 
    • Added the option to add more than one banner to the new Affiliate Portal. If you select more than one banner for the same spot, they will be displayed all together as a carousel.


  • Calendar 📆 Added new data ranges: now you can select data for the Last Year and All Time.
  • 💰 Added support for up to 4 decimal places for financial parameters - Revenue, Payout, Profit, and Amount
  • Export 📁 - Significantly increased the number of exported conversions. Now it should be possible to Export up to 100K conversions.
  • 🖍 Added the ability to edit conversions already included in the invoice: you can change all the parameters except for status and payout.
  • Activity Log 🗂 - Added actions logging for changes in Settings, Smartlinks, Adjustments, and more.
  • 👀 Added the ability to let Affiliates see lead data: you can open the data in full or in semi-hidden form.
  • 🔏 Added the ability to disallow making changes to the payment method by the Affiliate.
  • 📌 Now "Top Offers" are displayed at the top of the list of offers in the Affiliate Portal.
  • 🌏 Geo-Targeting and Caps for LMM Lead Receiving function.
  • The offer has expired. Now the offer automatically becomes inactive upon the expiration date.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed problem with adding Allowed\Denied Traffic Types for the Offer
  • Fixed display of the Advertiser's name in the offer depending on the Can see advertisers permission.
  • Fixed an issue with macros for creatives in the Affiliate Portal.
  • Fixed filter by the manager in Activity Logs.
  • Fixed minor bugs and made a ton of UI improvements.
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