3.8 (October 2023)

New Features 🎉

Affiliate Tiers

Managing your affiliate has never been more efficient. With the new Affiliate Tiers feature, you can categorize your partners based on their performance, allowing you to implement customized payout structures for each tier within your offers.

  • Affiliate Tiers Settings

    Tailor partner levels according to your preferences. Set up the gradation that perfectly aligns with your goals.

  • Affiliates

    Easily categorize your partners into distinct tiers, enabling you to optimize your collaboration based on their achievements.

Distinguish partners easily with vibrant, colorful frames.

  • Payouts

    Fine-tune payouts in your offers based on the partner's tier, ensuring fair and motivating compensation.

Payouts by Country

Streamline the process of configuring country-specific payouts. Our new feature simplifies the payout setup for offers targeting different countries.

Payouts in the Affiliate's Portal

We have improved partner payouts in the Affiliate’s Portal. The process is now more intuitive and informative, providing affiliates with a clearer understanding of their earnings potential. These enhancements include Affiliate Tiers, Payouts by Country, Custom Parameters, and more.

  • Payouts in the Goals Widget

    The Goals widget now provides affiliates with the most up-to-date payout information. It considers the levels of partners, payments depending on the country, and customizable parameters and displays the most priority payout.

  • New Payout by Country Widget

    Conveniently display payouts by country, providing partners with accessible information in one place.

  • Custom Payout Structure Widget

    It provides affiliates with an overview of their payouts with custom options specific to them.

New widgets in Affiliate Portal Configuration

Added New Payout by Country and Custom Payout Structure Widgets to Affiliate Offer Configuration (Settings > Affiliate Portal > Offers).

Goal Type Management

We understand the importance of flexibility. That's why we've introduced Goal Type Management, enabling you to focus solely on the goals that matter the most to your affiliate program. You can customize goal types to suit your unique requirements.

Unique Session Span in Offer

Introducing a new parameter in offers that allows you to define the time interval during which a session is considered unique. This flexibility empowers you to tailor session settings to your specific requirements.

Improvements 💫


In our Mailroom feature, we've introduced additional filters. These filters allow you to categorize recipients based on their traffic (Has Traffic (All Time)) and select the Affiliates allowed to some offers (Approved for Offer). This add-on will help you send messages to the most relevant audience.

Activity Log

You can now filter Activity Log by Affiliate, Advertiser, Offer, and specific events, enabling you to access the information you need quickly.

LMM and Delivery Instructions

Our platform now offers advanced support for nested objects and arrays within send JSON instructions. This improvement ensures greater flexibility and functionality when sending delivery instructions.

API Key Generation

Now, you can easily regenerate API keys for both partners and advertisers directly from the edit form, providing enhanced security and control over access to your system.

Improved Browser Tab Titles

We have improved the titles of browser tabs in our system to make organization and navigation easier. This means that even when you have multiple tabs open, you can quickly identify each page, which will help increase your productivity.

Enhanced Offer Editing Experience

  • We've improved the experience of editing offers to make it more intuitive. Now, you can seamlessly edit all elements directly within the offer details popup, providing a smoother workflow.
  • Also added Goal and Creative IDs to the edit popup for these entities.


Improved translation of the Affiliate Portal into several languages, namely French, Polish, and Portuguese (BR).


  • Batch insert clicks

    We've added the ability to batch-insert clicks. Moreover, you can now specify the exact date for adding these clicks.

  • In response to the API methods of Reports and Conversions (for all roles), we have added the user's timezone parameter to understand the exact time of the received data.

    Response Example
  • DEPRECATED Postback

    From this release onwards, we will no longer provide support for the /track/change-conv postback. Instead, we strongly encourage you to use the Ultimate Postback, which offers a wide range of advanced options and more flexibility for tracking.

Bug Fixes ✨

  • XML Feed. Fixed the issue with prioritizing parameters from the Landing Page and URL in the file.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Trigger Affiliate Postback" option in the goal, when creating conversions via API methods or Ultimate Postback.
  • Added the ability to specify a domain with a subdomain of one character.
  • Fixed the problem with calculating the "CR" metric in the list of offers.
  • Fixed an issue with unsubscribing from emails.
  • Added a redirect to the login page when following a direct link to the platform if the user is not logged in.
  • Fixed issue with duplication of affiliates when bulk adding new allowed affiliates.
  • Improved filtering by Transaction ID in Conversions.
  • Fixed category overwriting bug when using the "Update Offer" API method.
  • Fixed issue with Geo localization in Custom Parameters.
  • Fixed issue with icons in the Mozilla Firefox browser side menu.
  • Improved minor UI bugs.
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