AppsFlyer - Become an Integrated Partner (Recommended)

Note: Registering your own account as an AppsFlyer Integration Partner is a recommended way to work with AppsFlyer.

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AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. It determines which affiliates and channels deliver each app install and in-app event. Scaleo seamlessly integrates with AppsFlyer, providing real-time analytics.

AppsFlyer Integration Partner Registration

Ask your advertiser to send you an Invite to become AppsFlyer Integration Partner.

After logging into your account, at the top right, in the profile settings, navigate to the "Postback Management" section.

Note: without these settings, your account will not be visible to advertisers, and partner integration will not be completed.

There, configure the attribution link, set up postbacks, and define macros matching them with SDK parameters.


Site ID - this parameter is mandatory in the link settings; you will pass your partner ID from Scaleo in it.
Only after matching the parameters and macros of the attribution link can you save it.

An attribution link example:{app_id}?pid=your-partner-id&af_siteid={affiliate_id}&af_sub_siteid={aff_click_id}&af_channel={click_id}&clickid={click_id}&idfa={idfa}


Default Postbacks - here you are going to install your basic global postbacks on app install and in-app events.

  • First step. Adding postback URLs.

Please make sure you use Tracking Link Domain, not Interface Domain. For example:
URL example: https://YOUR_SCALEO_TRACKING_DOMAIN/track/goal-by-click-id

  • Second step. Matching parameters.

Please pay attention that your parameters like goal_id and goal_alias must be matched with the Partner event ID AppsFlyer parameter.

Save and confirm your readiness for the integration.


Advanced Privacy - here you are going to install your advanced global postbacks on app install and in-app events. These postbacks are necessary to receive event data under enhanced privacy. Without these postbacks, you will not receive event information from users on iOS 14.5+ who have not consented to their data processing.
Postback URLs will be the same

In the settings of these postbacks, there are fewer parameters, and the click ID is absent; instead, we recommend you use the Channel parameter.

Note: the channel parameter should also be added to the Attribution link:{app_id}?pid=your-partner-id-value&af_siteid={affiliate_id}&af_sub_siteid={aff_click_id}&clickid={click_id}&advertising_id={gaid}&idfa={idfa}&af_channel={click_id}

Save and confirm your readiness for the integration.
After that, your partner will become available for agencies, and they will be able to share their applications with him.

Additional information for partner's setup

In the profile, only after postback setup, the - Partner Setup menu point will become available.
It is recommended to set it up, as it's required to improve your trust level.

Additional information for Agencies

In the integration settings, as an Agency, you can also configure the partner's permissions for reports and integration configurations. This allows partners to receive event reports and view data on their dashboards. Enabling the Ad network permissions Switcher is necessary, after that the application appears in the lists of applications for the partner.

For the AppsFlyer's complete article about partners' setup and permissions, click here.

Once a partner is verified and the setup is completed

Ask your advertiser to share the App for your AppsFlyer Publisher account.

Select the App, go to Configuration - Integrated Partners and look for your newly created integration. Click Activate Partner.

For In-app Events Tracking. Scroll to this section
  • Click Add Event button, select Event you want to track
  • Enter Scaleo Goal ID/Goal Alias (can be found at Scaleo, Offer - Goals section) into Partner Event Identifier field
  • If you want to receive Event sales amount, you need to select Send Revenue: Values& Revenue


All is set now. Save your integration. Go to Attribution Link tab, copy the link and enter it to Scaleo Offer Landing Page URL.


Generate a tracking link in Scaleo, and send it to your test device. It is recommended to use a clean (not used before) device for every new test.

The conversion should be recorded at AppsFlyer first, then you will be able to see it in Scaleo.

Check the Statistics – Transactions section for the details (make sure to choose the "Click ID" in the "Output Parameters"). The Click ID value should contain 32 alpha-numeric characters and If it is not, please check the Landing Page URL, it should contain the {click_id} or {hash} token. 

Additional Information

For the AppsFlyer complete list of parameters click here.
For the Scaleo complete list of macros click here.

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