Everflow (Affiliate Software)

This article covers the situation when you want to run the Offer from Advertiser who uses Everflow tracking platform.

The Postback Tracking is the most recommended for the accurate tracking between Everflow and Scaleo.

Set up

Create an Offer the regular way in Scaleo.

Take the offer tracking link from  Everflow and add the following parameter: &sub1={click_id} at the end of the link.

Final Tracking link Example:


Scaleo: after adding the offer, go to the Tracking > Manage, scroll to "Global Postback" section and copy the Global Postback URL:

Everflow: go to the Affiliates postback page, create new postback and insert Scaleo postback URL.   

Note: the token {REQUIRED} should be replaced with {sub1}.

The final URL will look like this:

Generate tracking link using the Link Builder and try to make a conversion or give the tracking link to your advertiser for testing. Use Testing and Debugging guide in case you can get a conversion. 
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