Everflow (Affiliate Software)

S2S tracking is most recommended for the accurate tracking between Everflow and Scaleo.

Set up

Scaleo: Start adding the offer as usual.
Everflow: Just add &sub1 ={click_id} at the end of the Landing Page URL (Everflow tracking URL). 

NEW Tracking URL Example: http://everflow-company.com/28KL6/BP658&sub1={click_id}

Scaleo: after adding the offer, go to the T racking > Manage and click on the "Global Postback" and copy the Postback Pixel:
Everflow: go to the Affiliates postback page, create new postback and insert Scaleo pixel URL.  
Note: replace  {REQUIRED} with {sub1}.
The final URL will look like this:


  • When conversion is recorded at Everflow, you will be able to see Scaleo Click ID code at the reports. Click ID should consist of 32 alpha-numeric characters. If it is not, please check #1 Offer Set Up section above.
  • If everything is OK, you will get a conversion in Scaleo. You can check the transaction’s status and the Click ID value at the Statistics > Conversions.
  • Click ID value will be the same in Everflow and Scaleo. If it is not, please check #1 Offer Set Up section above.
  • If you got a conversion in Everflow, but still can’t get it in Scaleo, please, check the pixel’s placement in Everflow.
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