3.6 (February 2023)

New Features 🎉

Advertiser Billing

  • Information about the Advertiser's billing and their balance can be found in one place (Advertiser Billing > Advertisers).
  • A list of all invoices issued to Advertisers and detailed information about them (Advertiser Billing > Invoices).
  • Invoice Generation for each Advertiser individually, or all at once.
  • The option to edit and delete generated Invoices
  • Export a list of Advertisers with details about their balances and a list of Invoices.
  • Download one or more Invoices in a PDF format.
  • Reports, Transactions - new columns, filters, and breakdowns: Advertiser Invoice, Paid/Unpaid Status.
  • Settings - Invoice Information configuration in Settings for Advertiser Billing (Settings > Billing > Advertiser Billing)


  • All emails are now in one place  (Outbound > Mailroom).  
  • Sending emails to a specific group of recipients. For example, to all active Affiliates with active incoming traffic.
  • Sending an email with the details of a single offer or a group of offers to Affiliates. 
  • Sending emails immediately or scheduled at a specific time.
  • Sent email statistics: Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced, Flagged.
  • Settings: Up-to-date email sending status and email reputation based on the number of bounces and complaints (Settings > Email).

Goals & Bulk Actions 

  • It is now possible to bulk change revenue and payout for offers.

Affiliates' Multiple Accounts Fraud 

  • You can easily identify Affiliates' fraudulent accounts through the following matching parameters: the same IP address, affiliate postbacks, or payment details.

Affiliate Portal settings

  • We've added the ability to hide the Tools menu in the Affiliate's portal (Settings > Affiliate Portal > Tools).


  •  The ability to send a webhook to an external system after certain actions.

Improvements 💫

Custom Parameters

  • Added Throttle Rate to Trash option.

Import Conversions via CSV

  • The ability to add multiple conversions for the same Click ID (Add Adjustments > Action: Import Conversions via CSV > Type: Insert Conversion by Click ID).

Affiliate & Advertiser Billing 

  • We've added the option to generate invoices for specific offers.
  • The Affiliate and Advertiser's profile data will be filled in automatically in the billing details.

LMM. New lead functionality

  •  Now it is possible to create a lead only upon successful delivery to the advertiser. More details can be found in the documentation.

Sign Up Affiliate & Advertiser's IP address 

  • To view the IP address, hover your cursor over the country's flag in the Affiliate's details for more information.


  • Added Bot / Proxy / VPN / SES icon to Insight for the Affiliate account. 

UX improvements

  • The ability to go to the advertiser directly from the offer.
  • The ability to insert a 2FA verification code via Ctrl+V (Cmd+V for Mac).

Activity Log

  • Added an icon to identify the type of action source - API or Automation.

Bug Fixes ✨

  • Fixed an issue with empty targeting when exporting offers.
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect display of currency sign for RevShare goal in custom parameters.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect display of info in Insights in Transactions.
  • Fixed an issue with an external link redirection for an additional page on a mobile device.
  • Fixed the search by offers in Adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue in the list of Affiliates by changing the filter "by status" when switching from the Pending Affiliates tab.
  • In the Affiliate's portal, the default period on the dashboard is now set according to Settings > General > Default Time Range.
  • Improved minor UI bugs.
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